digestive track

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  1. where does digestion begin?
    • with the salvary glands
    • amylase digest starch to glucose
    • strepticoxyl- acid
  2. what is plaque
    calcium hardens and calcified (plaque)
  3. parystalysis
    rings of muscle constrict and elongate to move food
  4. function of stomach
    • mechanical digestion
    • extremely acidic
  5. acids in stomach
    • hydrochloric acid
    • enzyme pepsin - secreted in active form
  6. bile
    emulsified -> digests fats
  7. hernia
    sliding (rolling) where stomach slides or moves into thoracic cavity
  8. hernia obstruction
    protrusion thru abdominal wall or inguinal
  9. intussusception
    telescoping of intestine
  10. Volvulus
  11. Diverticulosis
    twinkee” diet of low residue results in saccular                                                                         weakenings of intestinal wall
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