april 11 notes

  1. why are the testis outside of the abdominal cavity?
    b/c of temperature, sperm is produced better a few degrees below body temp
  2. velametis incertion
    ambilical cord is not directly connected to the placenta. it is off in a distance
  3. twin transfusion syndrom
    • 1st twin born is the lighter twin - anemic
    • darker twin-polycythemic (can get gaunist)
  4. why circumcize?
    • cleaner
    • phimosis
    • prevents cancer
  5. phimosis
    • disorder in which the foreskin is too¬† tight to move easily over the glans penis. it is a condition in which the fore skin cannot be retracted back over the glans.
    • during the first 3 yeats of life, congenital adhesions separate naturally with penile erections and are not an indication for circumcision.
    • can occur at any age and is most commonly caused by poor hygiene.
  6. reasons for seeking treatment of phimosis
    • edema
    • erythema
    • tenderness of the prepuce and purulent discharge
    • circumcision if needd is performed after infection has been eradicated.
  7. tortion of the testis
    the testis rotates on its vascular pedicle, intereruptin gits blood supply

    this is a surgical emergency
  8. vasectomy
    has been identified as a possible risk factor for prostate cancer in both case controlled studies and cohort studies.

    • sperm cells die if they arent ejaculated
    • fagocytosis
    • constant feeling of blue balls
  9. genital warts
    • lots of papilla
    • caused by a virus
    • human papaloma virus?
  10. stages of syphilis
    • 1) primary (shanker)- anal or oral, a hard chancer develops
    • 2)secondary syphilis - rash
    • 3)tertuary syphilis- gumma, can be around the heart or brain
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