Pirates of the Caribbean

  1. Between 1690 and 1725, how many Pirates "sailed the high seas"?
  2. What real-life Pirate was the inspiration for Captain Barbosa?
  3. What book published in 1724 is the definitive text on Pirates at the time?
    A General History of Pirates.
  4. What about Blackbeard most terrified victims?
    His image.
  5. What was the name of Blackbeard's ship?
    The Queen Anne's Revenge.
  6. How many crew did Blackbeard have?
  7. When did Blackbeard capture "La Concorde"? How many guns did he put on it after refitting it?
    November, 1717. 40.
  8. After archaeologists remove cannons from saltwater, each must be placed in a special bath for how long?
    2 years.
  9. How many cannons have been recovered from Blackbeard's ship?
  10. When is black powder NOT an explosive substance?
    When it's not compacted.
  11. Since flitlock pistols were inaccurate, Pirates often used a
  12. Pirate Flags were called what? What was the most common color among them?
    Jolly Roger, red.
  13. What were the 2 most important types of ammunition shot out of Pirate's cannons?
    Barshot and Chain Shot.
  14. How did Pirates get aboard an enemy ship from their ship?
    Small boats and climb up the sides.
  15. What was the preferred sword aboard a ship in the 18th century?
  16. Where was Blackbeard based in the Bahamas?
    New Providence.
  17. Every Pirate ship had a set of rules called the what? What could they receive compensation for?
    Articles of Agreement. Getting injured.
  18. What did the sailors have the "democratic" power to do?
    Vote the captain/officers out of office.
  19. What was the most common reason for sailors in the 1700s to choose a life of piracy?
    They were let go by their Navy.
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