1. Instrument recency experience requirements
    • Preceding six calendar months 
    • -six instrument approaches
    • -holding procedures
    • -intercepting and tracking
  2. Instrument proficiency check
    Must be done after 12 calendar months if instrumeny recency expires
  3. Instrument rating requirements for knowledge test
    • Have a PVT license
    • Read and write english
    • Received ground training
    • Receive logbook training endorsement
    • Have appropriate training
    • Pass the knowledge test
  4. Required Logged Hours for Instrument
    • Fifty hours of cross country as PIC
    • Fourty hours of simulated instrument 
    • Instrument cross country flight of 250 nautical miles along airways or directed routing from ATC
    • Three different kinds of instrument approaches at each airport
  5. Fuel Requirements for IFR flight
    • Aircraft carries enough fuel considering weather to complete flight ot the first airport of intended landing
    • Enough to fly to the alternate
    • Fly for 45 minutes at normal cruising speed after arrival
  6. IFR flight plan required information
    • 91.153 (general flight plan layout)
    • Approach Procedure
    • Weather reports indicating above minimums 1 hour before and after estimated time of arrival
    • Alternate weather minimums are above
    • Must cancel after landing or when no longer needed
  7. VOR Equipment check for IFR ops
    • Operationally checked within the preceding 30 days within the permissable error
    • Must log the VOR check with the date, place, bearing error and sign the record
  8. IFR lost communications - Route
    AVE F

    • Assigned
    • Vectored
    • Expected
    • Filed
  9. IFR lost communications - Altitude

    • Assigned 
    • Minimum 
    • Expected
  10. Malfunction reports - IFR
    Report as soon as practical to ATC any malfunctions to navigational, approach or communication equipment 
  11. Altimeter system inspections - IFR
    Must have been inspected within the preceding 24 calendar months
  12. Transponder inspections - IFR
    Must have been inspected within the preceding 24 calendar months
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