Nuclear Football

  1. What is the Nuclear Football? What's inside it?
    A black briefcase. Documents that describe nuclear war plan.
  2. From the time the President authorizes a nuclear launch to the tie the missiles are released, how long does it take?
    10 Minutes.
  3. How much does the nuclear football weigh?
  4. How is the nuclear football always kept by the President's side?
    A Military Aide carries it.
  5. How many years have our presidents had a nuclear football by their side?
    50 years.
  6. When and whose administration put together a single nuclear response plan named SIOP?
    Eisenhower, 1960.
  7. In 1962, what was the Soviet Union doing?
    Building missile bases in Cuba.
  8. How many days after Kennedy's administration discovered nuclear weapons in Cuba did they go public with the information?
    8 days.
  9. How long did the US and Soviet Union "teeter on the brink" of nuclear war?
    7 days.
  10. What did USSR Premier Nikita Kruschev agree to do to avert nuclear war?
    Turn back his ships.
  11. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, what was devised to give the president t he ability to respond to a nuclear attack from anywhere?
    The Nuclear Football.
  12. What is the first thing inside the football?
    Guide for president of various nuclear actions.
  13. What is the "biscuit" that the president carries?
    A set of codes.
  14. The nuclear football is transported by a rotation of how many officers?
  15. How many nuclear warheads are in the US arsenal?
    Over 10,000.
  16. What is unique about the football's design?
    It can't be penetrated.
  17. Who, besides the Aide, protects the nuclear football?
    Secret service, police.
  18. Who else besides the president has a football?
    The Vice President.
  19. When has a president ever been separated from his Aide and the football?
    President Ford in France, the Aide left it on a plane.
  20. Who is supposed to have the best knowledge of the football's contents?
    The Military Aide.
  21. What President studied the nuclear war response plan the most, and tested it?
    Jimmy Carter.
  22. Which president lost is codes?
    Bill Clinton.
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