dentures3 mandibular impressions

  1. 2 ways to make mandibular trays
    • fabricate from existing denture
    • resin from preliminary impression
  2. Boundaries of the buccal shelf:
    The external oblique line (masseter groove and buccinator attachments)) and the crest of the alveolar ridge (area within the dotted line).
  3. why is buccal shelf a primary support area
    • parallel to the occlusal plane
    • bone is very dense
    • relatively resistant to resorption
  4. Retromolar Pad
    • glandular tissue
    • loose areolar connective tissue
    • lower margin of the pterygomandibular raphe
    • fibers of the buccinator, and superior  constrictor and fibers of the temporal tendon. 
    • Bone beneath does not resorb secondary to the pressure associated with denture use
    • primary support
  5. Mylohyoid muscle
    • Forms the muscular floor of the mouth.  
    • Arises from  the mylohyoid ridge of the mandible. Determines the length of the lingual flange extension of the denture.
  6. Extending the denture into the retromylohyoid space improves denture _________
    stability and retention
  7. varying degrees of ridge width and height affects ___
    support and retention
  8. mandiblular tray border molding sequence
    • Image Upload 1
    • A. Buccal Shelf
    • B. Bucceinator insertion, masseter groove, posterior border of retromolar pad
    • C. Labial vestibule
    • D. seal for favorable tongue position, floor of mouth posture
    • E. tongue pushed in lower incisor area 
    • thinnest lingual flange is the retromylohyoid space
  9. what does scraping border impression compound do?
    scrape 1mm in width and height to ensure finished impression is mucostatic
  10. Good impression factors
    • Smooth well defined peripheries
    • Maximum extension
    • Even pressure distribution
    • intimate tissue contact
  11. Laboratory Tasks for 3rd Clinical Appointment
    • Box impressions
    • Pour master casts in stone
    • Trim,index and mark master cast
    • Make record bases with occlusion rims
  12. Cast Landmarks -Mandible
    • Midpoint of retromolar pad
    • Lines indicating the crest of the ridge
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dentures3 mandibular impressions
dentures3 mandibular impressions