med term unit 13

  1. arterial blood gases
  2. right ear (auris dexter)
  3. American Health Information Management Association
  4. registered health information technician
  5. left ear (auris sinister)
  6. carbon dioxide
  7. chronic obstructive lung disease
  8. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  9. cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  10. certified respiratory therapist
  11. doctor of chiropractic medicine
  12. doctor of podiatric medicine
  13. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
  14. intensive care unit
  15. incentive spirometer
  16. National Board for Respiratory Care
  17. nebulizing mist treatment
  18. oxygen
  19. pulmonary disease
  20. pulmonary edema, physician exam, pulmonary embolism
  21. pediatrics
  22. pulmonary function test
  23. paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, postnatal drip
  24. respiration
  25. registered health information administrator
  26. registered respiratory therapist
  27. respiratory therapist
  28. tuberculosis
  29. turn, cough, and deep breath
    TC & DB
  30. upper respiratory infection
  31. apnea
    absence of breathing
  32. asthma
    inflammatory lung disease with narrowing of the bronchi
  33. atelectasis
    collapsed lung
  34. bradypnea
    slow breathing
  35. bronchitis
    inflammation of the bronchi
  36. broncholith
    bronchial stone
  37. bronchorrhagia
    hemorrhage of the bronchi
  38. bronchorrhaphy
    suture of the bronchi
  39. bronchoscopy
    examination of the bronchi with a bronchoscope
  40. bronchospasm
    uncontrolled contraction of the bronchial muscles
  41. cardiopulmonary
    pertaining to heart and lungs
  42. chiroplasty
    surgical repair of the hand
  43. chiropractic
    practice of using hands for therapeutic spinal and skull manipulation, a philosophy of medicine based on musculoskeletal alignment and holistic health practices
  44. chiropractor
    doctor of chiropractic (DC)
  45. croup
    laryngotracheobronchitis with a hoarse cough
  46. dermatomycosis
    fungal infection of the skin
  47. dextral
    pertaining to the right
  48. dextrocardia
    heart displaced to the right
  49. dextrogastria
    stomach displaced to the right
  50. diaphragm
    breathing muscle below the thoracic cavity
  51. dyspnea
    difficulty (painful) breathing
  52. embolism
    process of having an embolus
  53. embolus
    a moving blood clot
  54. emphysema
    loss of elasticity of terminal bronchioles
  55. endotracheal
    inside the trachea
  56. epistaxis
  57. expiration
  58. fungi
    plural of fungus
  59. geriatrics
    medical specialty studying aging and related diseases
  60. gerontology
    study of aging
  61. hemoglobin
    RBC protein that carries O2
  62. hemoptysis
    bloody sputum
  63. hyperpnea
    increase in depth and rate of breathing
  64. laryngalgia
    larynx pain
  65. laryngitis
    inflammation of the voice box
  66. laryngocele
    herniation of the larynx
  67. laryngopathy
    any disease of the larynx
  68. laryngoscope
    an instrument used to examine the larynx
  69. laryngospasm
    uncontrolled contraction of the vocal cords
  70. laryngostomy
    making a new, permanent opening in the larynx
  71. laryngotomy
    making a temporary incision into the larynx
  72. larynx
    the voice box
  73. manual
    pertaining to the hands
  74. mycoid
    resembling a fungus
  75. mycology
    the science and study of fungi
  76. nasoantritis
    inflammation of the nose and antrum
  77. nasolacrimal
    pertaining to the nose and lacrimal ducts
  78. nasofrontal
    pertaining to the nasal and frontal bones
  79. nasomental
    pertaining to the nose and chin
  80. nasopharyngeal
    pertaining to the nasopharynx
  81. nasopharyngitis
    inflammation of the nose and pharynx
  82. nasoscope
    instrument used to examine the nose
  83. orthopnea
    dyspnea when lying down or any position other than sitting or standing upright
  84. otorhinolaryngologist
    physician specialist in diseases of the ear, nose, and throat
  85. pedal
    pertaining to the foot
  86. pedialgia
    foot pain
  87. pediatrician
    physician specialist in children's diseases and development
  88. pertussis
    whooping cough
  89. pharyngocele
    herniation of the throat
  90. pharyngomycosis
    fungal infection of the throat
  91. pharyngoplasty
    surgical repair of the throat
  92. pharyngoscope
    instrument used to examine the throat
  93. pharynx
  94. phrenectomy
    excision of part of the phrenic nerve
  95. phrenoplegia
    paralysis of the diaphragm
  96. pleural
    pertaining to the pleura
  97. pleuralgia
    pleural membrane pain
  98. pleurectomy
    excision of the part of the pleura
  99. pleurisy
    inflammation of the pleura
  100. pleurocentesis
    surgical puncture of the pleura to remove fluid
  101. pleurolith
    stone in the pleural cavity
  102. pneumohemothorax
    air and blood in the thoracic cavity
  103. pneumometer
    instrument for measuring air volume
  104. pneumonectomy
    excision of the lung
  105. pneumonia
    inflammation of the lung
  106. pneumonocentesis
    surgical puncture of the lung to remove fluid
  107. pneumonomelanosis
    black lung disease
  108. pneumonomycosis
    fungal infection of the lung
  109. pneumonopathy
    any lung disease
  110. pneumonopexy
    surgical fixation of a prolapsed lung
  111. pneumonorrhagia
    hemorrhage of the lung
  112. pneumotherapy
    treatment using air
  113. pneumonotomy
    incision into the lung
  114. pneumothorax
    air in the thoracic cavity
  115. podiatrist
    specialist in care of condition of the feet; may also perform surgery of the foot
  116. psychiatrist
    physician specialist in mental disorders
  117. ptyalorrhea
    flow of saliva
  118. pulmonary
    pertaining to the lung
  119. respiratory
    pertaining to breathing
  120. rhinomycosis
    fungal infection in the nose
  121. sinistral
    pertaining to the left
  122. tachypnea
    fast breathing
  123. trachea
  124. trachealgia
    tracheal pain
  125. tracheocele
    herniation of the tracheal wall
  126. tracheopyosis
    condition of pus in the trachea
  127. tracheorrhagia
    hemorrhage of the trachea
  128. tracheoscopy
    process of inspecting the trachea
  129. tracheostomy
    surgical creation of an opening in the trachea
  130. tracheotomy
    incision into the trachea
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