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  1. Name the 5 senses
    hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling
  2. list the 3 jobs of the skeleton system
    • 1. gives the body shape
    • 2. it protects organs in the body
    • 3. it works with the muscles to move the body
  3. these bones fit together like a puzzle and are found in places like the skull
    immovable joints
  4. These bones move only a small amount.  they are found in places like the rib cage.
    partly movable joints
  5. name the four types of movable joints
    • 1. gliding joints
    • 2. hinge joints
    • 3. ball and socket joint
    • 4.  pivot joint
  6. These joints slide together against one another like a sliding glass door and can be found in places like the wrist and hand.
    Gliding joints
  7. This joint works like a door opening and closing allowing bones to move back and forth in one direction
    hinge joints
  8. The rounded end of one joint fits into a cup like shape in the other.  These joints allow the bones to move back and forth and in a circular motion and from side to side.
    ball and socket joint
  9. This joint can move up and down and side to side.  It is found between the skull and the neck.
    pivot joint
  10. Materials in foods that your body uses to grow and stay healthy.
  11. The blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart.
  12. The bottom chamber of the heart (there is a right and a left)
  13. This is the main muscle that controls bleeding
  14. The largest part of the brain
  15. The part of the brain that controls your breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure and digestive system.
  16. The measurement of chemical energy in foods.
  17. chemicals that control body functions
  18. These filter out harmful materials in the body and produce white blood cells to control germs.
    lymph nodes
  19. What are the three kinds of mucles
    • 1.  skeletal muscles
    • 2.  Cardiac muscle
    • 3.  Smooth muscle
  20. This type of muscle is attached to the bones and pulls the bones so they move
    skeletal muscles
  21. This is the muscle that is found in the heart that contracts to squeeze the blood out of the heart and relaxes to fill the heart with blood.
    cardiac muscle
  22. This is the muscle that makes up the internal organs and blood vessels.
    smooth muscle
  23. How many bones are there in the body?
  24. Name the three kinds of joints
    immovable, partly movable and movable
  25. How are muscles attached to the bones?
    by a tough cord called a tendon.
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