Skills and Knowledge Guide

  1. What is an activity (hint: don't overthink this one)
    An activity is an element of work (duh). It occurs over a given period of time (as opposed to over mashed potatos)(or is it potatoes - extra credit question).
  2. What is an activity code?
    • Well, if you're last card asked what is an activity, don't you think a code might be a number applied to it.
    • Let's say a kid has been assigned an activity to bike to the store to get milk. Activity 1 is to pack the lock so the bike doesn't get stolen, activity 2 is to actuallybike to the store. Activity 3 is to cry and cry hard because you forgot the combination. I hope these questions get better.
  3. Allowances - key phrase. Say it over and over again. What you want a hint? Don't you know anything?
    cover "known but undefined" stuff.
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Skills and Knowledge Guide
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