English 4-16-2013

  1. Commensurate
    Adj. Proportionate
  2. Evince
    V. To show or demonstrate clearly.
  3. Oblique
    Adj. Not straight forward, indirect
  4. immaterial
    Adj. Indirect
  5. Moratorium
    N. The suspension of activity, law, etc
  6. Bask
    V. To take pleasure in
  7. Jettison
    V. To discard or do away with
  8. Nefarious
    Adj. Evil or Wicked
  9. Paroxysm
    N. Sudden outburst of emotion or activity
  10. Prerogative
    N. Right or privlage
  11. Unflappable
    Adj. Having or showing calmness in a crisis.
  12. Sanctimony
    N. Pretended Holyness
  13. Vacillate
    V. To waiver in mind or feeling
  14. Render
    V. To cause or to become
  15. Screed
    N. A lengthy discourse
  16. Analogous
    Adj. Similar in some way
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English 4-16-2013
English 4-16-2013