Med term unit 12

  1. before meals (ante cibal)
  2. as desired (ad libetum)
    ad lib
  3. artificial insemination by husband's sperm
  4. artificial insemination by donor's sperm
  5. morning, before noon (ante meridiem)
  6. twice a day (bis in die)
  7. capsules
  8. certified registered nurse anesthetist
  9. dispense as written
  10. excision
  11. drop/drops
    gt/gtt, gtts
  12. intake and output
  13. intra-aortic balloon pump
  14. intradermal, indentification
  15. intramuscular
  16. infusion
  17. instillation
  18. international unit
  19. intrauterine device
  20. intravenous
  21. licensed practical nurse
  22. Masters of Science in Nursing
  23. nurse practitioner
  24. after meals (post cibal)
  25. after noon (post meridiem)
  26. postoperative
  27. by mouth (per os)
  28. as needed or required (pro renata)
  29. registered nurse
  30. subcutaneous
    sc, subcu, sq
  31. tablet
  32. three times a day (ter in die)
  33. administration
    giving a treatment or medication
  34. anorexia
    lack of appetite or desire to eat
  35. antagonistic
    oppositional or blocking
  36. antefebrile
    before a fever
  37. anteflexion
    bending forward
  38. antemortem
    before death
  39. antenatal
    before birth
  40. antepartum
    before delivery (mother)
  41. anteposition
    in front of
  42. antepyretic
    before a fever
  43. anteversion
    turning toward
  44. asymptomatic
    without symptoms
  45. bicellular
    made of two cells
  46. biceps
    a two-bellied muscle
  47. bifocal
    lens having two focus strengths
  48. bifurcation
    branch into two
  49. binuclear
    having two nuclei
  50. bipolar
    having two poles
  51. bisexual
    attracted to two sexes
  52. bulimia
    condition of purging after eating
  53. cachexia
    wasting away of the body
  54. congenital
    born with
  55. consanguinity
    with blood relationship
  56. disassociate
    to break apart
  57. disinfect
    to rid of infectious agents
  58. dispense
    to give out for use
  59. dissect
    to cut apart
  60. excise
    to take out
  61. exhale
    to breathe out
  62. expiration
    breathing out
  63. genitals
    reproductive system structures
  64. hemianesthesia
    anesthesia involving half the body
  65. hemicardia
    half a heart
  66. hemigastrectomy
    excision of half the stomach
  67. hemiplegia
    paralysis of one side of the body (right or left)
  68. incise
    to cut into
  69. incoherent
    unable to be understood
  70. incompatible
    not compatible, does not associate well with
  71. incompetency
    not able to function properly
  72. incontinence
    inability to control urination or defecation
  73. incubation
    original growth of an organism
  74. infested
    organisms living within or on another organism
  75. infiltration
    penetration of a solution into tissues
  76. inflamed
    act of being red, swollen, painful, and warm
  77. inflammation
    condition with such symptoms as a red, swollen, and warm area
  78. infusion
    introducing a substance into a vein through a needle
  79. inhale
    to breathe in
  80. injection
    procedure of introducing a substance into the body through a needle
  81. insane
    not sane
  82. insemination
    process of introducing semen into the uterus or tubes
  83. insomnia
    unable to fall asleep
  84. inspiration
    breathing in
  85. instillation
    applying drops
  86. intercellular
    between the cells
  87. intra-abdominal
    within the abdomen
  88. intra-aortic
    withing the aorta
  89. intra-arterial
    with the artery
  90. intracranial
    within the cranium
  91. intracystic
    within the urinary bladder
  92. intradermal
    within the dermal layer
  93. intraduodenal
    within the duodenum
  94. intrathoracic
    within the thorax
  95. intravenous
    within the vein
  96. malaise
    generally poor feeling, not feeling well
  97. malaria
    infestation of malaria parasite Plasmodium
  98. malformation
    poor formation
  99. malnutrition
    poor nutrition, missing essential nutrients
  100. malodorous
    smelling bad
  101. mononuclear
    having one nucleus
  102. morbidity
    related to illness
  103. mortality
    related to death
  104. postcibal
    after meals
  105. postcoital
    after intercourse
  106. postesophageal
    in back of the esophagus
  107. postfebrile
    after a fever
  108. postglucose
    after glucose is administered
  109. postmastectomy
    after mastectomy surgery
  110. postmenopausal
    after menopause is complete
  111. postmortem
    after death
  112. postnatal
    after birth (baby)
  113. postoperative
    after surgery
  114. postpartum
    after delivery (mother)
  115. postprandial
    after meals
  116. preanesthetic
    before anesthesia
  117. precancerous
    condition that may lead to cancer
  118. prefrontal
    in front of the frontal bone
  119. preoperative
    before surgery
  120. prescribe
    write an order for before it can be done
  121. sanguineous
  122. semicircle
    half of a circle
  123. semicomatose
    partially in a coma
  124. semiconscious
    partially conscious
  125. semiprivate
    situation in which a room is shared (patient gets half a room)
  126. subcutaneous
    the layer below the dermis of the skin
  127. triceps
    a three-headed muscle
  128. trifurcation
    branch into three
  129. unicellular
    of one cell
  130. unilateral
    one sided
  131. uninuclear
    having one nucleus
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