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  1. Most common glycogen storage disease?
    deficiency of enzyme?
    von gierkes--glucose 6 phosphatase
  2. what prevents transmission more of hiv from mother to fetus.?
    c section or azt>?
  3. levels of what are high in cah caused by 21 hydroxylase deficiency?
    • 17 hydroxyprogesterone
    • testosterone
  4. difference between opiod and benzo overdose?
    pupils are normal and no respiratory depression with benzo
  5. phenytoin overdose?
  6. cause of torticollis?
    • atlantoaxial subluxation
    • retroperitoneal abcess
    • uri
    • cervical lymphadenitis
  7. nsaids can cause what 3 renal damages?
    • acute tubular necrosis
    • tubulointerstitial nephritis
    • papillary necrosis
  8. muddy brown casts?
    rbc casts?
    wbc casts?
    waxy casts?
    • atn
    • gn
    • pyrlonephritis, interstitial nephritis
    • nephrotic syndrome
  9. most accurate test for parkinsons?

    • tremor
    • rigidity
    • bradykinesia
  10. lifetime risk of getting bipolar?
    with a 1st degree relative?
    • 1%
    • 5-10%
  11. febrile transfusion reaction occurs because of hat?
    persons antibodies to the donors leucocytes
  12. Image Upload 1
    colposcopy and if + biopsy
  13. all abnormal pap smears except atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance should be followed up with what?
  14. asc-us found, next step?
    • hpv testing if +--colposcopy
    • if -      repeat pap smear in 1 year
  15. rx for CIN I?
    CIN II?
    CIN III?
    • repeat pap smeark and hpv testing
    • leep
    • leep
  16. when is c section done for hiv women?
    if cd4 <350 or viral load >1000
  17. if a mother is on haart and gets pregnant, nect step?
    switch efavirenz to protease inhibitor
  18. if mother is not on haart and viral load is high and cd4 is low?
    start haart
  19. if mother is hiv + but cd4 is high and viral load is low, next step
    start haart during second and third trimester
  20. single most effective way of preventing transmission from mother to baby of hiv?
    most effective combined?

    combined--azt and c section
  21. indications for c section?
    • 1-maternal--cephalopelvic disproportion
    •                failed induction of labor
    • 2-infections--hiv
    • 3-herpes
    • 4-cervical cancer
    • 5-uterine surgery and rupture
    • 6-chord prolapse
    • 7-obstruction of birth canal
    • 8-non reassuring fetal testing
    • 9-congenital disorder--hydrocephalus
    • 10- fetal malpresentation
    • 11--multiparrity
    • 12-placenta previa
    • 13-placental abruption
  22. causes of antepartum hemorrhage?
    • placenta previa
    • vasa previa
    • placental abruption
    • placental rupture
    • fetal vessell rupture--vasa previa
  23. how is asymmetric igur diagnosed?
    increased fetal head to abdomen ratio
  24. rx for ovarian malignancy?
    surgery + chemotherapy
  25. absolute contraindication for ocp use?
    • hypercoagubility
    • stroke
    • hepatic adenoma
    • melanoma
    • breast or endometrial carcinoma
    • impaired liver function
  26. what 3rd trimester bleeding can be definitevely diagnosed with ultrasound?
    placenta previa
  27. rx for severe preeclmapsia?
  28. highest risk factor for preterm labor?
    previous preterm labor
  29. what illicit substance has the highest correlation with congenital anomalies?
  30. Gravidy, TPAL?
    • G--number of pregnancies
    • Term-
    • Preterm
    • Aborted
    • Living
  31. hbv causes what type of nephrotic syndrome?
    • 2
    • membranoproliferative  in adults
    • and
    • membraneous in kids
  32. when does duchene vs becker muscular dystrophy happens?
    • duchene--age 2
    • beckers-- age 4
  33. what is the management of a wound that is clean and dirty?
    • clean and <10 years from td booster--nothing
    • clean and >10 years or unknown--td toxoid
    • dirty and <10 years from td booster--td booster
    • dirty and >10 years or unknown--td + Ig
  34. what dopamine tract is affected in?>
    psychotic dz
    • nigra striatal
    • mesolimbic
    • tuberoinfundibular
  35. at how many weeks is cvs and amniocentesis performed?
    • cvs--10 weeks
    • amniocentesis-- 5 weeks
  36. what is next best step with a clavicular fracture?
    angiogram to rule out injury to subclavian or brachial plexus
  37. what is the most important risk factor for pulmonary tuberculosis?
    • being a foreigner
    • and then
    • working in a prison, nursing home
  38. pruritis in a 3rd trimester woman and elevated alp?
    • intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
    • ursodeoxycolic acid
  39. rx for tinea corporis?
    topical antifungals
  40. how to tell apart central from peripheral induced precocious puberty?
    • central--high LH from GnRH stimulation
    • periphery--low LH from GnRH stimulation
  41. uses of danazol?
    • rx for hereditary angioedema
    • fibrocystic change dz
    • endometriosis
  42. management of mild preeclampsia?
    severe preeclampsia?
    • delivery if at term..bed rest if preterm
    • control bp, prevent seizure..deliver if at term and bed rest if preterm
  43. difference between rta's?
    all produce non anion gap acidosis
    • rta type I--distal--alkaline urine ph--calcium stones and hypokalemia
    • rta type II-proximal--acid urine ph--rickets
    • rta type IV-- aldosterone insensitivity--hyperkalemia
  44. steroids have what effect on wbc?
    neutrophilia from increased release from bone marrow and demargination and decreased eosinophils
  45. vesicular vs bronchial breath sounds?
    • vesicular --louder on inspiration
    • bronchial--ouder on expiration
  46. what hereditary syndromes produce uncojugated hyperbilirubinemia?
    • u
    • naiglar
    • gilberts
  47. differences between gilberts, crigler naiglar type I and type II?
    • gilberts level <3
    • crigler type I <30
    • crigler type II<20 and decreased with phenobarbital
  48. rx for uncomplicated gerd?
    for complicated gerd?
    • uncomplicated--ppi trial
    • complicated with weightloss and anemia--esophagoscopy
  49. manifestations of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease?
    • mitral valve prolapse
    • liver cysts
    • berry aneurusm
  50. most effective way to treat nausea from chemothreapy?
  51. copd refractory to albuterol and ipratropoum and steroids, next step in management?
    non invasaive positive pressure ventilation
  52. which of the triple expansion disease is inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion?
    fragile x syndrome
  53. most common cause of painless hematuria?
    bladder cancer
  54. painless hematuria is what untill proven otherwise?
    • ureter
    • bladder or kidney neoplasm
  55. 1st time dvt rx?
    2nd time dvt?
    • warfarin for 6 months
    • warfarin for life
  56. dx of nkhs?
    • clinical dehydration
    • absent ketosis
    • sugar >600
    • osmolality >320
  57. what are the liver enzyme ratio in alcoholic hepatitis?
    ast>alt 2:1
  58. pts traveling to africa should get what immunizations?
    • aftrica--yellow fever + hep A
    • asia--meningococcal + hep A
  59. common complications after rhinoplasty?
    nasal septum perforation
  60. impigement of the supraspinatus tendon results in?
    rotator cuff treat
  61. popeyes arm is due to a torn?
    long head of the tricep
  62. drug causing vertigo and ataxia>?
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