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    • Name 5 things that was introduced in the campaign strategy in the election of 1828?
    • Mudslinging, attempts to ruin their opponents reputation with insults, slogans, buttons, and barbecue
  1. What did the president's State in the Monroe doctrine of 1823
    Started that Americans could not interfere with European colonies or oppose new ones
  2. What is the spoil system
    When Jackson fired federal workers and replaced them with his supporters, being a tyrant, or firing or hiring people at will.
  3. Who won the election of 1824 why.
    John Quincy Adams because Henry Clay promised to beat Jackson as speaker of the house if Adams became President and he became his Secretary of State
  4. Who wins the election of 1828 why did people want him so much
    • Andrew Jackson
    • Self made man, a patriot, war hero
    • Also demonstrated the American success story when moved from the long cabin to the White House
  5. Explain the Era of Gold feelings why didn't it last long?
    Feelings of how political differences are staying to disappear. Sectionalism, lo health to your region, increased
  6. Why did James Monroe win reelection?
    Faced no opposition because referrals were disappearing but their ideas were still used like National Bank, tariffs. Represented a United America. Really popular.
  7. What did different regions disagree on?
    National Bank, tariffs, internal improvements, or federal state, and privately funded projects such as canals roads for development in nations.
  8. What region did John Calhoun belong to and what did he believe in
    South supported state sovereignty, ideas that states have auntoumus power.
  9. What region is Daniel Webster and what did he believe
    Favored tariff of 1816, which protected American industries from foreign competition. One of good orators of his day.
  10. What region is Henry Clay and what were his thoughts
    West supported Western States and believed in resliving sectional disputes through compromise.
  11. What was the American system
    Protective tariffs that provided government with money to build roads and canals, internal improvements that build roads and canals to stimulate trade, National Bank to control inflation and lead many to develops industries.
  12. Describe the case of McCullough v. Maryland of 1819
    Maryland imposed tax on bank but bank refused and brought it to court in 1819, John Marshall said Maryland couldn't tax the Bank because was a federal insistutions. People who opposed it said it was a lose construction or implied powers.
  13. Explain what the gibbons v. Ogden importance
    Established that states couldn't enact legislation that would intefer with interstate commerce
  14. What were the terms of the rush bagot treaty
    British and Americans decides to Limit naval vessels in great Lakes, helped disarment or the renewal of weapons on the us and Canada border
  15. What were the terms of the convention of 1818
    Wt boundary of the Louisiana territory between the us and Canada at 49th parrel, created a demilerize boost m or border witoyt asked forces, and gained the right to settle in the Oregon region.
  16. ________________in April 1818 invaded ___________.
    Jackson, m Spanish east florida.
  17. What are the terms of the Adams onis treaty
    Spanish gave up West and east florida, us in return have up claims to Spanish Texas, and paid 5 million dollars for damages owed by Spanish to American citizens, agreed on a border that gave us page pieces of Pacific North West territory.
  18. When was the Monroe doctrine
    Dec 2, 1823
  19. 1816-1824 the us had a 1 party called_________________
    Jeffersonian republics
  20. Describe the candidates of the election of 1824
    William h Crawford in Georgia - had supported of Republican party, Andrew Jackson of Tennessee-favorite son, or having support from hometown instead of National Party, Henry Clay of Kentucky-favorite son, John Quincy Adams of Massachusetts -favorite son.
  21. Jackson received _____________ electoral votes but the not the __________________, or more than half.
    99 majority
  22. Jackson had ________________________ ,largest single share
  23. Why was Adams unable to abusive his policy
    Enemies owned house in Senate
  24. Describe the 2 new parties introduce in the election of 1828
    • Democratic-Republicans failed States rights, mistrusted strong central government, and were with Jackson, mostly frontiersman, immigrants, and labors
    • National-Republicans v wanted strong government, supported Federal road building and back, and were merchants or fakers, and were with Adams.
  25. Who was Jackson s vice president
    John c Calhoun
  26. Jackson won election in______________________, overwhelming victory with 178 electoral votes and 56 percent of popular vote.
  27. What did Jackson promise? Who was excluded from this promise
    Equal protection and equal benefits, African American Americans, women, native mericans
  28. What are the 5 civilized tribes, why we're they call this?
    Cheroke, Creek, Seminole, Choctaw had farming industries and successful economies.
  29. What did the indian removal act of 1830 allow. What did it lead to.
    Allowed the federal government to pay native Americans to move West. In 1834 Congress created the Indian territory, area in present day Oklahoma for native Americans from Southeast
  30. What did John Marshall rule in the car Worcester v. Georgia who did Jackson support
    John Marshall said that Georgia had business interfering with the Cherokee because thats the federal government job. Jackson disagreed and didn't want Cherokee.
  31. What was the trial of tears. How did it get is name
    General Winfield scott removes the Cherokee in 1838 and makes them walk to Indian territory-trial of tears. It got its name because many of the cherokee members died due to brutal weather and lack of food.
  32. What sauk cheif led a force of sauk and Fox people back to Illinois
    Black Hawk
  33. Who led Seminole to attack Florida who helped them to fight US what type of attack did they use
    Osceola African Americans who escaped from slavery guerrilla warfare or doing apprise attacks and hiding in swap areas.
  34. 5 civilized tribes settke in present day Oklahoma. What did they do here
    Built school s, developed farms and government, and got a police force called the light thorsmen
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