Medical Billing

  1. Which of the following is NOT affected by the endocrine system:

    B. progesterone
  2. Gland that overlies the trachea:

    A. thyroid
  3. Gland that is located on the top of each kidney:

    A. adrenal
  4. The outer region of the adrenal gland that secrets corticosteroids:

    A. cortex
  5. Located on the thyroid:

    D. parathyroid
  6. Located at the base of the brain in a depression in the skull:

    A. pituitary
  7. Stimulates contractions during childbirth:

    A. oxytocin 
  8. Produced only during pregnancy by the placenta:

    B. estrogen & progesterone
  9. Combining form meaning secrete:

    D. crin/o
  10. Prefix meaning good:

    A. eu
  11. Combining form meaning thrist:

    A. dips/o
  12. Combining form meaning female:

    C. estr/o
  13. This type of diabetes typically occurs before age 30:
    a. type 1
    b. type 2
    a. type 1
  14. the acronym that indicates that insulin is not required is:

    A. NIDDM
  15. The most common cause pf pituitary disorders is:

    B. tumor
  16. In excess, this hormone can cause gigantism:

    D. somatotrophin
  17. Goiter can be caused by which of the following:

    D. both a & c
  18. This type of hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disorder:

    A. Hashimoto's
  19. Tetany can be caused by:

    B. hypoparathyroidism
  20. Delvelopment of male characteristics is known as:

    D. virilization
  21. The treatment for Addison's disease is often:

    C. hormone replacement
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