Jesus Final

  1. the 27 books of the New Testament fall into six categories. Name them.
    • the Gospels
    • the Acts of the Apostles
    • Pauline Epistles
    • Letter to the Hebrews
    • Catholic Epistles
    • the Book of Revelation
  2. Name the main theme that dominates each of the four gospels
    • mark: suffering is essential to human life, Jesus is fully human
    • luke: Jesus' compassion towards those least likely in God's favor
    • matthew: Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament
    • john: Jesus is the divine Son of God
  3. Describe the parable of the sower
    • path: those who hear the word, but do not listen to it
    • rocky ground: those who listen to the word, but fall at persecution
    • thorns: those who listen to the word, but are lured away from it
    • rich soil: those who listen to the word and spread it
  4. how did Jesus say he would judge the nations at the end of time?
    • feed the hungry
    • clothe the naked
    • gave drink to the thirsty
    • welcome the strangers
    • visit the sick
    • visit those in prison
  5. what are the three kinds of love discussed in class
    • agape
    • eros
    • philia
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