A&P Chapter 15

  1. What are the function of Rods?
    • Rods are used for peripheral vision.
    • Excellent for night vision
  2. What are the function of cones?
    • Cones are specific to wavelength
    • Provide ability to see color
  3. What creates the ability to focus?
    Accommodation of the lenses: the process that increases the refractory power of the lens. The ciliary muscles contract, the ciliary body is pulled anteriorly and inward toward the pupil and releases tension in the ciliary zonule
  4. What is a papebrae?
    mobile eyelids
  5. What separates the eye lids?
    Palpebral fissure
  6. What is conjunctiva?
    • Bulbar conjunctiva: covers the anterior eye except for the cornea
    • Palpebra conjunctiva: transparent mucous membrane that lines the eyelids
  7. What is the lacrimal apparatus?
    It consists of the lacrimal gland and the ducts that drain excess lacrimal secretions into the nasal cavity.
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