ES 106 Midterm 1

  1. What is heat?
    The amount of thermal energy in an object because of its moving molecules.
  2. What is temperature?
    • A measure of thermal energy or how fast molecules are moving in an object. 
    • The more you hear something the faster the molecules move. This is what causes temperature to rise.
  3. How are heat and temperature different?
    temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of each particle within an object WHILE  heat is the total energy of the particles that make up an object.
  4. What is absolute zero? What does it represent?
    • when molecules stop moving 
    • -273 C
    • -492 F
    • 0 K
  5. How cold is absolute zero in Kelvin? Celsius?
    • -273 C
    • 0 K
  6. When considering hot and cold bodies in which direction does the energy flow?
    Heat rises and cool air sinks
  7. What is conduction?
    heat transferred by direct contact
  8. What substance does conduction of heat transfer work best?
    Metals and some solids.
  9. What do we call things that are poor conductors?
    • Insulators- materials that don't let heat through them well. 
    • Still air is a good insulator along with rubber, plastics and glass. 
    • Insulation traps air pockets.
  10. What is convection?
    transferring energy by moving fluids. When heated they expand become less dense. They rise replaced by cooler denser fluids.
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