101 Naval Heritage

  1. 101.2/ State the qualities that characterize the navy/ marine corp
    Those qualities are readiness, flexibility, selfsustainabity & mobility.
  2. 101.2a/ Formation of the US NAVY.
    - In 1770 during the Revolutionary war George Washington

    -AN set up a sea offenaive againt the British
  3. 102.3/ Creation of the Seabees
    -Prior to 1941 overseas construction was done by civilan contractors

    -According to the laws of war the civilian who defended themselves are treated as guerillas.

    -So the Navy trained a combat construction force

    -Organized Jan 1942
  4. 102.4/ What is the significance of March 5 1942
    Officially given permission to use the name Seabee
  5. 102.5 Admiral Ben Moreell
    -Father of the Seabee

    -Dec 28 1941 requeted permission to create constrution battallions

    -Jan 5 1942 permission was grated to stand up NCR
  6. 102.5B/ CM3 Marvin Glenn Shields
    First and only Seabee in history to be awarded the Medal Of Honor , for his heroic efforts in Vietnam. ( awarded 13 SEP 1966 ) on the wall at (panel 02e, row 007)
  7. 102.5 SW3 Robert Dean Stethem
    - Was executed in June 15 1985 during a hI-jacking of flight TWA- 847 in Lebanon . He was in UCT-1

    - Purple heart & Bronze star Recipient.
  8. 102.6 / Naval Operation Planning
    - Key to successfully training, sustaining and fighting as a naval force.
  9. 102.7a Discuss the significant contributions madeby the Seabees during the following periods. Worid War 2
    - 240,00 enlisted men served in the Seabees at this time

    - Building airstrips, warehouses, hospitals and housing for 1.5 million servicemen
  10. 102.7b Korea
    - Had 35 days to complete an airstrip, they had the strip ready in 15 days

    - While under constant enemy bombardment.
  11. 102.7c Vietnam
    - 26,000 Seabees served in Vietnam

    - Seabees built roads, airfields, warehouses and hospitals

    - Civic action team- provided water and utilities, taught construction
  12. 102.7d/ Post Vietnam
    - One of the largest peacetime construction effort on British Indian Ocean territory of Diego Garcia

    - Building the naval communications station on Diego Garcia
  13. 102.7e Persian Gulf War
    - Seabee projects included tent camp for 42,000 personnel, three galleys, 10 aircraft parking aprons, several EPW camps
  14. 102.8 Rate Compression for Seabee Master Chief, CUCM, UCCM, EQCM
    • EA \
    • BU } CUCM
    • SW /

    • UT \
    • } UCCM
    • CE /

    • EO \
    • } EQCM
    • CM /
  15. 101.9 State the purpose of the Civil Engineer Corps (CEC)
    They perform a variety of engineering work in planning, designing and over seening construction & maintenance of structures and facilities
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101 Naval Heritage
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