Medical Billing

  1. The spleen is located in this quarant of the abdomen:

    C. LUQ
  2. Produces RBCs and platelets:

    A. bone marrow
  3. Which of the following is NOT a lymph organ?

    D. adrenal
  4. Lymph transport fluids and ____ that have leaked from the blood system back to veins.

    C. proteins
  5. This is largest in infantsĀ & shrinks with age:

    B. thymus
  6. Combining form meaning gland:

    B. aden/o
  7. Prefix meaning excess:

    C. hyper-
  8. Suffix meaning enlargement:

    D. -megaly
  9. Lymph node located on neck:

    D. jugular
  10. These cells originate in the bone marrow:

    A. stem cells
  11. This condition involves a reduced number of erythrocytes & decreased quality of hemoglobin:

    D. anemia
  12. This condition is hallmarked by a shortened survival of mature erythrocytes & inability of bone marrow to compensate for decreased survival:

    D. hemolytic anemia
  13. The most common cause of this disease is Epstein-Barr virus:

    A. infectious mononucleosis
  14. Inflammation of the lymphatic vessels is:

    D. lymphangitis
  15. What giant cell is present in Hodgkin's disease:

    A. Reed-Sternberg
  16. This condition increase plasma cells, which replace bone marrow:

    A. Multiple myeloma
  17. Injection of vitamin B may be prescribed for this type of anemia:

    B. pernicious
  18. These are large stem cells:

    B. megaloblasts
  19. This is known as the kissing disease:

    B. infectious mononucleosis
  20. This lymphoma is usually found in Africa:

    D. Burkitt's
  21. Megaloblastic anemia is also known as?
    Pernicious anemia
  22. What are erythrocytes?
    Red blood cells
  23. What is the combining from axill/o?
  24. What is the suffix for enlargement?
  25. What does idiopathic mean?
  26. What is the suffix -penia?
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