Medical Billing

  1. The mediastinum is NOT an organ system:
    a. true
    b. flase
    a. true
  2. The mediastinum is divided into:

    C. superior, anterior, posterior, middle
  3. During inspiration, the diaphragm:

    A. flattens out
  4. Term meaning partition:

    D. median
  5. The diaphragm is said to be the shape:

    B. dome
  6. This seprates the abdominal cavity from the thoracic cavity:

    B. diaphragm
  7. This is the area between the lungs:

    D. mediastinum
  8. This is an esophageal hernia:

    C. daiphragmatic
  9. A diaphragmatic hernia is also known as:
    a: esophageal
    b. epiglottis
    c. partitional
    d. medial
    a: esophageal
  10. The diaphragm assists in:

    D. breathing
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