Home Economics - Cheese

  1. How is cheese classified?
    1. Hard cheese eg. cheddar

    2. Semi hard cheeseĀ eg. edam

    3. Soft cheese eg. cottage cheese

    4. Processed cheese eg. cheese strings
  2. Outline the composition of cheese
    1. Excellent source of calcium for healthy bones and teeth

    2. Excellent source of protein for growth and repair

    3. High in fat so people with coronary heart disease should not eat it

    4. Has no carbohydrate so it should be eaten with carbohydrate rich foods eg. bread

    5. Has Vitamins A and B which is good for general health
  3. List five uses of cheese in cookery
    1. In main courses eg. pizza

    2. In desserts eg. cheesecake

    3. On salads

    4. Cheeseboard

    5. On sandwiches
  4. State three effects of heat on cheese
    1. Eat raw

    2. Protein coagulates

    3. Fat melts
  5. Describe the six stages in cheese making
    1. A culture of bacteria is added to milk

    2. Rennet is added which clots the milk

    3. The milk separates into curds (solid) and whey (liquid)

    4. Curds are chopped and the whey is drained

    5. Curds are put into moulds and pressed

    6. Cheese is left to mature
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