Home Economics - Fish

  1. Classify fish according to its nutritive value
    1. White fish eg. plaice, whiting

    2. Oily fish eg. mackerel, salmon

    3. Shellfish eg. crab, prawns
  2. Outline the nutritive value of fish
    1. Excellent source of protein for growth and repair

    2. White fish has no fat so it does not raise cholesterol

    3. Has no carbohydrate so it should be served with carbohydrate rich foods eg. potatoes

    4. Good source of Vitamin B for a healthy nervous system

    5. Has no Vitamin C so it should be served with foods that have Vitamin C eg. a slice of lemon
  3. List the guidelines for buying fresh fish
    1. Moist, unbroken scales

    2. Firm flesh

    3. No bad smell

    4. Bulging, clear eyes
  4. List six methods of cooking fish
    1. Baked

    2. Steamed

    3. Poached

    4. Grilled

    5. Fried

    6. Stewed
  5. Name three eays fish can be processed
    1. Smoked

    2. Frozen

    3. Canned/Bottled
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