Chapter 9

  1. What is a facilitator?
    Generally acquainted with both parties,working with both sides to reach an agreement.
  2. What is a conciliator?
    Trusted third party who can provide an informal communication link between the negotiator and the opponent
  3. What is an ombudsperson?
    An impartial party,widely respected and trusted.
  4. What is a peer review?
    Panel of peers who have been put together to hear both sides of the issue from the parties involved and to recommend a solution.
  5. What is a mediator?
    A neutral third party who facilitates a negotiated solution by using reasoning, persuasion and suggestion for alternatives.
  6. What is an arbitrator?
    Has an authority to dictate an agreement.
  7. What are the 5 Steps to negotiation?
    • developing a strategy
    • definition of ground rules
    • clarification and justification
    • bargaining and problem solving
    • closure and implementation
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