215 health and wellness

  1. nurses role as caregiver =
    • promote health
    • prevent illness
    • restore health
    • promoting and facilitating coping
  2. health is
    • More than the absence of disease
    • active process in which a person moves toward wellness
    • Each person has their own definition of health
  3. things that effect health =
    • exercise
    • coping mechanisms
    • stress
    • socioeconomic situation
    • disease process
  4. Disease =
    pathological change in the structure or function of the body or mind
  5. Illness =
    the response of the person to their disease
  6. Illness is influenced by the patients
    self-perception, effects of change on role and relationships, culture, spiritual values, etc.
  7. wellness =
    an active state, oriented toward maximizing the potential of the individual, regardless of his or her state of health
  8. health belief model =
    • addresses the relaionship between a person's beliefs and behaviors
    • provides a way of understanding a predicting how well clients will behave in relation to their health, how they will comply with health care therapies.
  9. health belief model helps the nurse...
    understand factors that influence a clients perceptions, beliefs and behavior
  10. 1st component of helath belief model =
    individuals perception of susceptibility of an illness
  11. 2nd component of helath belief model
    individuals perception of the seriousness of the illness
  12. 3rd component of health belief model =
    nidividuals perception of the benefits of and barrier to taking action
  13. health promotion should be directed at...
    increasing a clients level of well-being
  14. primary prevention is
    • true prevention = education
    • precedes disease or dysfunction
    • diet, exercise, safe sex practices, seat belts/car seats.
    • Immunizations
  15. Secondary prevention =
    • focus on individuals that have health problem or high riskĀ 
    • prevent complications
    • **health screenings**
    • diagnosis and prompt intervention
  16. tertiary prevention
    • occurs when a defect or disability is present and irreversible
    • goal = minimize the effects of long term disease/diability
  17. Healthy people 2020=
    campaign to improve nation's health
  18. improved health of nation since 2000 are
    • decreased infant mortality
    • increased childhood vaccines
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