Christianity Terms

  1. Apostle
    • early teacher/ missionary of Christianity
    • 12 orginal disciples of Christ
  2. New Testament
    • second major division of Bible
    • originally written in Greek
    • collection of Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, epistles, and Revelation
  3. St. Simon Peter
    • became head of Christianity
    • founder of Church
    • given keys to heaven
    • executed by Nero- martyr
  4. First Apostolic Council
    • should non-Christians convert ot Judaism first before Christianity?
    • NO
  5. Gentiles
    non-Jewish who Apostles tried to convert
  6. St. Paul
    • persecuter until converted on the way to Damascus
    • aspects of teaching:
    • resurrection of Jesus fulfilled prophesy and created new age
    • Jesus was son of God
    • teaching proclaimed to all
    • travelled converting Gentiles
    • known for epistles
    • used as scapegoat and executed by Nero
  7. Martyr
    • one who dies/ suffers for standing up for what they believe in
    • spread Christianity
  8. Eucharist
    • Holy Communion
    • commemorates last supper
  9. Baptism
    • washing away sins
    • evokes Trinity
  10. Patriarch
    powerful bishops
  11. Pope
    • most powerful religious figure
    • holds keys to heaven
    • has lots of political power
    • decides who goes to heaven
    • has power to excommunicate
  12. St. Jerome
    • translated Bible from Hebrew/ Greek to Latin
    • known as Vulgate (common)
    • official translation until King James version
  13. Theology
    study of nature of God and truth
  14. Ignatius of Antioch
    tried to combine Classical and Christian ideas
  15. St. Augustine
    • neo-Platonist
    • written as response to pagans blaming Christians for sack of Rome
    • City of Man- earthly and visible (destined to fall)
    • City of God- invisible and eternal
    • said church is responsible for everyone
  16. Constantine
    • had dream of soldiers w/ Chi-Rho
    • moved capital of Constantinople
    • allowed clergy into gov. position
  17. Edict of Milan
    Constantine legalized Christianity (313)
  18. Council of Nicea
    Arian debate- God must have father
  19. Nicene Creed
    • freed clergy from imperial taxation
    • declared Sunday public holiday
    • put Christian leaders into gov. position
    • Jesus was a god
  20. heresy
    anything different than what the Church says
  21. Appeal of Christianity
    • for everyone
    • love/ equality
    • salvation/ forgiveness for believers
    • gave role/ sense of importance
    • personal relationship with God
    • eternal life
    • martyrs/ missionaries
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