Russia Terms

  1. Schism of 1054
    • iconoclastic controversy led to schism
    • led to Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox
  2. Princess Olga/ Vladimir
    • Princess Olga converted to Orthodox
    • Vladimir converted all Russians to Orthodox
  3. Kremlin
    building in Moscow
  4. Duma
    Russian Parliament
  5. Time of Troubles
    • princes lost power
    • everyone fought for power
    • many years of civil war
  6. Icon
    holy Catholic image
  7. Ottoman Turks
    Caused fall of Byzantine Empire
  8. Yaroslav the Wise
    • power of Kiev reached golden age
    • created code similar to Justinian's code
    • maintained peace and supported trade
    • translated Greek into Slavic
    • married children to royal families to form alliances
  9. Czar
    • title of Russian ruler
    • version of Caesar
  10. Zemsky sobor
    • called after 10 years of civil war
    • general assembly of many people
    • deal with disputes using Slavic traditions
  11. Justinian
    • greatest emperor of Byzantium
    • ruled at height of Byzantine
    • reclaimed land lost
    • exhausted treasury
    • created pro. mercenary force
    • reunited empire but fell apart when died
    • rebuild Hagia Sophia
    • Justinian's Code
  12. Leo III
    • banned icons from being worshipped
    • started icon controversy
  13. Mongol Yoke
    Mongol period of rule
  14. Ivan III
    • recovered and united much of N. Russia
    • limited power of boyars
    • took title of czar
    • married niece of last Byzantine emperor
    • declared Russia Third Rome
  15. Third Rome
    what Russia was called and considered selves to be
  16. Icon Controversy
    • started by Pope Leo III
    • caused split in church
    • about whether icons should be worshipped
  17. Boyars
    wealthy landowning nobles
  18. Ivan IV
    • limited power of nobility
    • tied serfs to land
    • organized oprichniki who slaughtered rebellious boyars
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