sports coaching

  1. How many bones, joints and muscles are in the body?
    206 bones, 100 joints, 640 muscles
  2. Fitness Benefits
    • identifies individual differences in each component of fitness.
    • Helps predict performance potential
    • Helpds design specific sport
    • Helps a physical trainning program.
  3. Six decisions when creating a program
    • choice of exercise
    • Order of exercise
    • Intensity of exercise
    • Volume of exercise
    • Frequency of exercise
    • Length of rest period.
  4. Warm up benifits
    • Increases body temp and tissue temp
    • Increases blood flow
    • Increases heart rate preparing cardio system to work
    • Decrease risk of injury
  5. Specificity principle
    • Train the energy system and muscles as closley as possible to the way they are used in sport
    • Cross trainning or playing other sports helps improve performance.
  6. Overload principle
    Athletes do more then their bodies are used to, to improve their performance
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