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  1. 1st line therapy for adjustement disorder?
    • psychodynamic therapy¬†
    • + sleep agents or ssri for severe symptoms
  2. 3 substrates for gluconeogenesis?
    • alanine--> pyruvate
    • glycerol 3 phosphage
    • lactate
  3. a copious white vaginal discharge without erythema, friable mucosa, edema, odor or any other systemic symptoms such as dysuria is most liekly?
    physiologic leukorrhea
  4. amsel criteria for bacterial vaginosis
    • whiff test
    • clue cells
    • gray discharge
    • vagina ph >4.5
  5. causes of symmetric iugr?
    symmetric--fetus factors--chromosome defect, congenital anomalies

    asymmetric--maternal--htn, smoking, cocaine, uterus
  6. antibodies in celiac disease?
    • endomysial
    • transglutaminase
  7. difference between neotanal gerd and pyloric stenosis?
    • p.stenosis--failure to thrive
    • gerd--no failure to thrive
  8. how are immunizations given for premature babies?
    chronological or gestational age?
    according to chronological age
  9. when do you treat itp with steroids?
    platelets <30,000
  10. untill what age is enuresis normal?
  11. what is the fev1 for the following severities of asthma?
    mild persistnet
    • normal¬†
    • normal
    • 60-80
    • <80
  12. 4 causes of hypoxemia?
    • v/q mismatch
    • shunting
    • decreased inspired oxygen
    • hypoventilation
  13. which causes of hypoxemia have increased A-a gradient?
    which are correctable with 100% oxygen?
    • shunting
    • v/q mismatch--corrected by 100% oxygen
  14. iron overload predisposes to infections with what bacteria?
    • listeria
    • yersinia
    • vibrio
  15. most commonly lacerated organ in abdominal blunt trauma?
  16. retroperitoneal structures?
    • suprarenal glands
    • aorta
    • duodenum
    • panreas
    • ureters
    • colon
    • kidney
    • esophagus
    • rectum
  17. what over the counter products affect cyt p450 the most?
    vitamin supplements
  18. when do you give isotretinoin for acne?w
    when all other options fail and you have nodulistic skin lesions and you have scars
  19. acetylcholinesterase inhibitors for alzheimers?
    • donepezil
    • galantamine
    • tacrine
    • rivastigmine
  20. rx for diabetes induced retinopathy/?
    argon laser photocoagulation
  21. rx for metatarsus adductus that overcorrects on abduction?
    corrects on abduction?
    doesnt correct on abduction?
    • reassurance
    • orthosis
    • casting
  22. What is a latent period?
    time from exposure to developing the disease
  23. cause of syringomyelia in kids?
    kids--arnold chiari malformation

    adults--cord cavitation from various causes
  24. 3rd trimester painless bleeding with characteristic tachy-brady and sinusoidal heart rhythm pattern is caused by?
    vasa previa--ruptured fetal umbilical vessels
  25. placenta previa with rapid fetal heart deceleartions and late decelerations?
    vasa previa
  26. cyanosis with right axis deviation?
    cyanosis with left axis deviation?
    • tof
    • tricuspid atresia
  27. indications for c section?
    • repetitive late decelarations
    • placenta previa with fetal distress/hemorrhage
    • placenta abruption--hemorrhage or fetal distress
  28. how to tell hypokalemia, alkalemia and normotension between barter syndrome/diuretic use and chronic vomiting?
    • chronic vomiting will have low urine chloride,
    • while barter and diuretic use will have high chloride levels
  29. how is npv and ppv affected by pretest probablity and prevalance of diseas?
    • high pretest probablity--low npv
    • low pretest probablity--high npv
    • low prevalence ---low ppv but high npv
    • high prevalence- high ppv and now npv
  30. what kinds of food lead to folate deficiency?
    hot foods
  31. which part of the femoral gets coagulated with dvt?
  32. when you cant identify a bleed after ruling out ugib and negative colonoscopy? next step?
    radionuclide scanning
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