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  1. This is NOT a part of the small intestine:

    C. cecum
  2. Term meaning a ring of muscles:

    A. sphincter
  3. The throat is also known as the:

    C. pharynx
  4. The three parts of the stomach:

    D. fundus, body, antrum
  5. The projection at the back of the mouth:

    D. uvula
  6. Muscosal membrane that lines the stomach:

    B. rugae
  7. The parts of the colon are:

    D. ascending, transverse, descending,sigmoid
  8. Combining form meaning adbomen:

    B. celi/o
  9. Term that means connecting two ends of a tube:

    D. anastomosis
  10. Abbreviation that means a scope placed through the esophagus, into the stomach and to the duodenum:

    • D. EGD
    • esophagogastroduodenoscopy
  11. This type of hyperbilirubinemia is hallmarked by excess bile flow into the blood:

    C. posthepatic
  12. This type of hepatitis is transmitted by the oral-fecal route:

    D. A
  13. Which of the following is the recovery stage of hepatitis?

    D. posticteric
  14. This type of cirrhosis is also known as portal cirrhosis:

    C. alcoholic liver
  15. This condition is the inflammation of the bile ducts:

    A. cholangitis
  16. Formation of gallstones most often occurs with high levels of the following:

    B. cholesterol and bile salts
  17. The primary factor that increases the risk of pancreatic cancer is:

    C. smoking
  18. A potential complication of this conition is ARDS:

    • A. pancreatitis
    • ARDS: Adult respiratory distress syndrome
  19. The primary treatment for jaundice is:

    D. removal of the cause
  20. This conidtion has as the largest group of those that abuse alcohol:

    D. cirrhosis
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