Canterbury Tales stories

  1. Miller
    Talks about Reeve
  2. Reeve
    Talks about Miller
  3. Nun's Priest
    Theres a rooster named Chanticleer. He is the best of all the roosters. He has many hen-wives. His favorite was Pertelote. One night Chanticleer has a dream about a fox killing him. Pertelote says that the dream isn't real and to stop freaking out. Chanticleer talks about a bunch of men who died after they dreamed of it. Then he gives more evidence and tells Pertelote she's beautiful and then they make love. One day Chanticleer is walking thru the forest and the fox stalks him and his wives. Then the fox confronts him with politeness and flatters him. When Chanticleer starts to sing the fox grabs his throat and drags him away. The wives find out and are sad. They spot the fox with Chanticleer and chase him down. Chanticleer tricks the fox into opening his mouth to boast and escapes and flies into a tree. Moral: Don't trust flatterers
  4. Pardoner
    Three people who party and drink a lot. They go out to "kill" Death as revenge for killing an old friend of theirs. As they go on their way, they find 8 bags of gold. They decide to share it among themselves but secretly are gonna kill each other. They send one to go get some wine to celebrate and plan on stabbing him when he gets back. When one leaves he thinks of poisoning them. When he comes back they stab him and they get poisoned. Moral: must beware of the sin of avarice.
  5. Prioress
    A small Christian boy is very pious and dedicated to his school and religion. He starts singing a new song called Alma Redemptoris. Everyday he walks down a Jewish alley singing it. One day they got mad and killed him. The mother was worried and looked for him. Everyone found him and killed the Jews or put them in prison. The boy started singing thru his throat until they finally put him to rest.
  6. The Wife of Bath
    A knight who rapes a maiden on the side of a road and is punished. He begs the queen not to kill him so she tells him that in 101 days he must tell her what a woman wants the most or die. He roamed the country asking every woman he could but got different answers every time. The day before he had to present his answer he saw an old lady in need of help so he helped her and she asked him what's wrong and he told her. She told him what all woman want if he did what she wanted. He said ok and she said women want to be in charge of a relationship. All the women agreed when the knight said this so he lived. Then the old woman said she's the reason he knew this and said she wanted to marry him. He was forced and when they were in bed he was unhappy and she asked why and he said she was old and ugly and didn't want to be married to her. She said stuff and asked whether he wanted her to be pretty but unfaithful or ugly and faithful. He said he didn't care which gave her the power in the relationship so she became beautiful and faithful.
  7. Merchant's tale
    similar to remake of Adam and Eve tale
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