1. establishing judicial review, the supreme court can rule a law unconstitutional
    Marbury v. Madison
  2. The supreme court rules that nation law is superior to state law
    McCullouch v. Maryland
  3. Supreme court reiterated the idea that national law is superior to state law
    Gibbons v. Ogden
  4. The supreme court ruled that slaves are property and therefore have no rights as citizens
    Dred Scott Decision
  5. War between the French and the British. they were fighting for control of North America. the consequence was taxes on the colonists.
    French and Indian War
  6. Conflict between the British and their American colonists. Battles included-
    * Lexington and Concord
    America revolution
  7. War began over the impressments of American sailors. Nothing changed after this war. Francis Scott key wrote the star spangled banned during this war.
    War of 1812
  8. War erupted over the annexation of Texas. It ended with Mexico giving U.S. the Mexican cession
    Mexican-American War
  9. War between the north and south over slavery and states' rights
    Civil War
  10. Machine invented by Eli Whitney that quickly and easily removed the seeds from cotton
    Cotton Gin
  11. parts that could be used interchangeably in any machine or item that is the same.
    Interchangeable Parts
  12. A ship that is powered by steam
  13. Man made waterway usually connected to existing lakes, rivers, or oceans
  14. a road where a toll or fee is collected
  15. first inexpensive industrial process for the mass production of steel
    Bessemer Steel Process
  16. the production of goods in the home, producing goods by hand
    Cottage Industry
  17. the production of goods in a factory setting with the use of machines
    Factory system
  18. new ways of doing things using the latest technology
    Technological innovation
  19. development of a system that allows for the transporting of large amount of people or goods
    Transportation system
  20. Movement of people from rural areas to cities. People moved to be closer to factories
  21. production of goods using machines in a factory setting
  22. Social movement that called fro the ban of alcohol sales and consumption
  23. movement led by Dorthea Dix; called for mentally unstable people to be moved into facilities dedicate to their care
    Prison reform
  24. Horace Mann led the common school movement. it allowed all children to be educated in the same setting
    Public education
  25. people who for an end to slavery
    abolitionist movement
  26. movement led by Elizabeth cady Stanton and Lucetia Mott. they called for ewqual righrs for women
    Women's Rights
  27. Jamestown was established in what date
  28. declaration of independence was written and signed in what date
  29. the u.s constitution was written in what date
  30. Louisiana purchase was purchased in what date
  31. Civil war starts when..?
  32. Emancipation proclamation and Gettysburg Address was said in what date?
  33. Civil war ends when..?
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