Canterbury Tale's Characters

  1. The Wife of Bath
    • married 5 times with many affairs
    • presents self as someone who loves marriage and sex
    • takes pleasure in rich attire, talking, and arguing
    • deaf in one ear and has gap between her front teeth (considered attractive in Chaucer’s time)
    • has traveled on pilgrimages to Jerusalem three times and elsewhere in Europe as well
  2. Pardoner
    • granted papal indulgences
    • collected profits for himself
    • excels in fraud, carrying bag full of fake relics
    • has long, greasy, yellow hair and is beardless
    • has a gift for singing and preaching whenever he finds himself inside a church
  3. The Miller
    • Stout and brawny, has a wart on his nose, big mouth
    • enjoys overturning all conventions
  4. Prioress
    • modest and quiet
    • aspires to have exquisite taste
    • table manners are dainty
    • knows French
    • dresses well
    • charitable and compassionate
  5. Monk
    • cares little for the Rule
    • devotion is to hunting and eating
    • large, loud, and well clad in hunting boots and furs
  6. Friar
    • ready to befriend young women or rich men who might need his services
    • actively administers the sacraments in his town, especially marriage and confession
    • accepts bribes
  7. Merchant
    • trades in furs and other cloths, mostly from Flanders
    • part of a powerful and wealthy class
  8. Reeve
    • performs his job shrewdly
    • vassals under his command are kept in line
    • steals from his master
  9. Nun's Priest
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