Neuro Final

  1. nociceptors: pain stimuli come in different varieties
  2. nociceptors: heat or cold
  3. nociceptors: cut with something sharp
  4. free nerve endings
  5. reception of the stimulus
  6. Pain and temperature pathway receptors are located in:
    the dermis and epidermis
  7. afferent fiber  type that has brief, sharp pain
  8. afferent fiber type that transmits dull, prolonged pain
  9. What part of the dermatomes share innervation?
    boundaries of adjacent dermatomes share innervation
  10. Afferent fibers of the pain and temperature pathway run to the spinal cord via _______
    posterior root ganglion (1st order neuron)
  11. Afferent fibers terminate in the _____ where it synapses with __________ and ____________
    • posterior gray horn
    • 2nd order neuron
    • interneurons
  12. The interneurons synapse with _________ in the _______ forming ________
    • motoneurons
    • anterior gray horn
    • reflex arcs
  13. Send terminals into dorsolateral column (_______), ascend and descend to adjacent spinal cord segments- _________
    • Substantia gelantinosa
    • second overlap
  14. third overlap
  15. Cross to contralateral side via ______
    ventral white commissure
  16. Enters lateral white column and ascends via ______ to ________
    • lateral spinothalamic 
    • VPL
  17. In the VPL, synapses with 3rd order neurons and ascends to the _______ via the ______
    • postcentral gyrus (primary somatosensory area)
    • Posterior internal capsule
  18. Sensation sent back to point of stimulus, visceral pain not highly localized in brain (vague, spread), pain experienced on surface of the body
    Referred pain
  19. Cerebellum interprets impulse as arising form the skin of the missing limb
    phantom pain
  20. spinal cord degeneration
  21. Syringomyelia is spinal cord damage of lamina ___
  22. Symptom of syringomyelia wher some sensations are lost but some are preserved
    dissociative anesthesia
  23. mechanoreceptors for the pressure and crude touch pathway are in the ____
  24. The first order neurons enter ______ where it ____.
    • ipsilateral dorsal white column
    • bifurcates
  25. Pressure and crude touch pathway afferent fibers run from the spinal cord via _____
    DRG (1st order neuron)
  26. 1st branch into ____
    posterior gray horn
  27. 2nd branch ascends via _____ and synapses with ______
    • dorsal white column
    • 2nd order neuron
  28. Both branches cross and enter _____ and form the ________ which enters the ______ and synapses with ______
    • ventral white column
    • ventral spinothalamic tract (part of lateral tract)
    • VPL
    • 3rd order neurons
  29. Runs through the ______ to the postcentral gyrus
    internal capsule
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