1. What are the three domains?
    • Domain Bacteria
    • Domain Archaea
    • Domain Eukarya
  2. What do Bacteria and Archaea have in common ?
    Both contain unicellular prokaryotes - (which lacks membrane-bounded nucleus)
  3. What kind of environment do Archaea live in?
    • Archaea live in extreme conditions
    • -environments that lack oxygen
    • -extreme salty, hot, or acidic environments.
  4. What elements make up the most weight of living things?
    • CHNOPS
    • Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur
  5. In cells, synthesis often occurs when monomers are bonded together during a ____________ reaction, which involves the removal of H20.
    Dehydration reaction
  6. What is the molecular formula of a simple sugar?
  7. What are two other isomers of glucose?
    Fructose and galactose
  8. Glucose + Glucose ----> _____________.
  9. Monosaccharide + Monosaccharide, undergo ____________ reaction to form a disaccharide.
    dehydration reaction
  10. Plants store glucose as ____________.
  11. Animals store glucose as _______________.
  12. Starch is a chain of glucose molecules that is _________.

    • B. both
    • Starch can be found branched or non branched. However, glycogen is highly more branched than starch
  13. Cellulose is the most abundant of all carbohydrates
    a. true
    b. false
    • a. True!
    • Cellulose is also the most abundant organic molecule on Earth!
  14. The exoskeleton of crabs, lobsters, and insects are made up of ____________, which is another example of a polysaccharide.
  15. ________________ have double bonds.
    An example of this would be corn oil.
    Unsaturated fatty acids
  16. _____________ fatty acids have no double bonds.
    An example of this would be better.
    Saturated fatty acids.
  17. Saturated fatty acids have a ________ melting point .
    a. High
    b. Low
    • High!
    • Butter in room temperature is a solid.
    • Corn oil (unsaturated) is liquid in room temperature,
  18. Waxes have a ________ melting point.
    A. High
    B. Low
    • High.
    • Waxes are solid in room temperature.
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