Med term 11

  1. analgesics
    pain relievers
  2. antiarthritic
    agent that works against arthritis
  3. antibiotic
    agent that works against organisms, especially bacteria
  4. anticonvulsant
    agent that prevents seizures
  5. antidepressants
    agent that works against depression
  6. antinarcotic
    agent that works against the effects of narcotics
  7. antipyretic
    agent that works against fever
  8. antirheumatic
    agent that works against rheumatic disease
  9. antiseptic
    agent that protects against infection
  10. antispasmodic
    agent that prevents muscle spasms
  11. antitoxin
    agent that works to destroy toxins
  12. asepsis
    without poisons or infection
  13. bilateral
    including both sides
  14. catheterization
    using a tube (catheter) inserted into the bladder or vessels to obtain specimens, to look, or to keep the vessel open
  15. contraceptive
    agent that prevents conception
  16. contraindicated
    not recommended under these circumstances
  17. contravolitional
    against one's will
  18. disinfectants
    chemical or physical agents that kill organisms; not used on the human body
  19. epicystitis
    inflammation upon the urinary bladder
  20. epidermal
    pertaining to the epidermis
  21. epidural
    pertaining to the layer upon the dura mater
  22. epigastric
    upon the stomach
  23. epigastorrhaphy
    suturing of tissue in the region upon the stomach
  24. epinephrectomy
    excision of tissue upon the kidney
  25. epinephritis
    inflammation upon the kidney
  26. episplenitis
    inflammation upon the spleen
  27. extra-articular
    outside of a joint
  28. extracerebral
    outside of the cerebrum
  29. extracystic
    outside of the bladder
  30. extradural
    outside of the dura mater
  31. extragenital
    outside of the genital area
  32. extranuclear
    outside of the nucleus
  33. heterogeneous
    different throughout
  34. heteropsia
    different vision in each eye
  35. heterosexual
    attracted to the opposite sex
  36. homogeneous
    the same throughout
  37. homoglandular
    same gland
  38. homosexual
    attracted to the same sex
  39. infracostal
    below the ribs
  40. inframammary
    below the breast
  41. infrapatellar
    below the patella
  42. infrapubic
    below the pubic bone
  43. injection
    give agent through needle and syringe
  44. mammogram
    breast x-ray film or x-ray picture
  45. mammography
    process of taking a breast x-ray
  46. mammoplasty
    surgical repair of the breast
  47. metacarpals
    bones of the hand beyond the wrist bones
  48. metastasis
    disease that spreads beyond its origin
  49. metatarsals
    bones of the foot beyond the carpals
  50. oral
    by mouth
  51. prescription
    written order for treatment
  52. psychotherapeutics
    medication and treatments that treat psychological disorders
  53. pyrotoxin
    toxin produced by fever or heat
  54. sanitization
    cleaning items or surfaces
  55. septicemia
    infection in the blood
  56. septicopyemia
    infection and pus in the blood
  57. sterilization
    process that kills all organisms
  58. subaural
    below the ear
  59. subcutaneous
    below the skin, fat layer
  60. subdural
    below the dura mater
  61. superciliary
    pertaining to the eyebrow
  62. superficial
    on the surface
  63. superinfection
    an infection on top of another infection
  64. supracostal
    above the ribs
  65. suprainguinal
    above the groin
  66. supralumbar
    above the lumbar spine
  67. suprapubic
    above the pubic bone
  68. suprarenal
    above the kidney
  69. suprarenopathy
    disease of the suprarenal glands
  70. symmetry
    the same size and shape all around or on both sides
  71. sympathetic
    suffering along with, functional part of the autonomic nervous system
  72. sympathoma
    tumor of a sympathetic nerve
  73. sympodia
    feet that have grown united
  74. transcatheter
    performed through the lumen of a catheter
  75. transdermal
    through the skin
  76. transfusion
    transferring blood from one person to another
  77. transillumination
    the passage of strong light through a body structure, to permit inspection by an observer on the opposite side
  78. transluminal
    across the lumen of a vessel
  79. transposition
    placement of an organ on the opposite side
  80. transsexual
    a person who has changed sexes
  81. transurethral
    performed through the urethra
  82. transvaginal
    performed through the vagina
  83. ultrasonography
    process of making a computer image using reflected high frequency sound waves
  84. ultrasound
    high-frequency sound waves
  85. ultraviolet
    high-frequency light waves beyond the violet frequency
  86. blood types
    A, B, O, AB
  87. American Association of Medical Assistants
  88. American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
  89. with
  90. catheter
  91. centimeter
  92. certified medical assistant
  93. culture and sensitivity
    C and S
  94. female to male
  95. infusion
  96. metastasis
  97. male to female
  98. registered diagnostic medical sonographer
  99. without
  100. subcutaneously
  101. transverse
  102. transurethral resection of the prostate
  103. ultrasound
  104. ultraviolet
  105. cross match (in reference to blood match)
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