Breast MRI

  1. What are the indications for Breast MRI?
    • Evaluation of extent of disease
    • Axillary lymphadenopathy with unknown primary
    • One time screen of contralateral breast with newly diagnosed breast cancer
    • Evaluate treatment response to neoadjuvant population
    • High risk screening
  2. What are the high risk indicators for Breast MRI screening?
    • BRCA1/BRCA2
    • Very strong family Hx of breast cancer
    • Prior chest radiation therapy < 30 years (lymphoma)
    • Histologic dx of LCIS/atypia
    • Personal history of breast cancer
    • Very dense breast at mammography
  3. When is screening MRI recommended?
    >20% lifetime risk of breast cancer
  4. What can cause erronious enhancement on Breast MRI?
    • Hormonal fluctuations in premenopausal women
    • - worst during 2nd half of menstrual cycle
    • - best time to scan between days 3-14
  5. How do you perform Breast MRI guided procedures?
    • 1) Prone position
    • 2) "Open configuration" breast coil
    • 3) Use grid compression device to aid localization
    • 4) MR compatible biopsy device
    • 5) Place fiducial markers
    • 6) Mark mass on image
    • 7) Count # of slices from site of entry to mass (Depth to place needle = # of slices x slice thickness)
    • 8) Insert trochar and replace with plastic obdurator and rescan
    • 9) Obtain biopsies
    • 10) Leave clip and rescan to confirm clip placement
  6. What is bad with water saturation?
    Cannot see enhancing masses
  7. Does Breast MRI for implants include contrast?
    No, can miss cancer
  8. What causes linguine sign?
    • Silastic elastomr shell contains silicone
    • When shell breaks, cause the shell to collapse
  9. What causes a large area of breast susceptibility artifact in a patient with a reported implant?
    Breast tissue expander
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