Religious Studies - Social Responisibility

  1. Why may a non-religious person reject genetic engineering?
    • Its new technology so nobody knows the long term implications
    • It reduces the natural gene pool
    • It could be dangerous in the wrong hands
    • Who determines what is genetically desirable
  2. Reasons why Christians may be against genetic engineering
    • It is unnatural
    • It is playing God as only he can give and take life - 'lord gives and lord takes away'
    • Life begins at contraception and so meddling with genes is wrong
    • Destruction of embryos is murder
    • Denies the uniqueness of human life
  3. Why may a non-religious person be for genetic engineering?
    • Allows for infertile couples to have children
    • Can cure diseases
    • Can greatly reduce the chances of children being born with genetic disorders
    • Embryo's cannot feel pain
  4. Reasons that Christians may be for genetic engineering
    • Jesus was a healer
    • Golden rule, if that was me I would want to be treated
    • Its a loving act -'love thy neighbour'
    • Christians should 'be fruitful and multiply' - allows infertile couples to have children
    • 'Thou shalt not kill', if we can prevent a death then we should
    • God has given us the resources to do genetic engineering so we should use them
  5. Why is it important to take part in democratic process'?
    • People fought and died for the vote and we shouldn't let it be in vain
    • Its a chance to have your say and make your opinion heard
    • Politics effects everyone's and so you can have a positive effect on another's life
  6. What are human rights?
    • Moral and legal freedoms due to every human
    • Lay down a minimum quality of life for everyone
    • Right to a primary education, a family, religious views, speech, life and protection
    • Some countries don't accept them as they see it a westernisation
    • Some rights are restricted e.g. freedom of speach
  7. What are the moral duties of a Christian and why do they believe this?
    • Show respect to God and one another - Ten Commandments
    • Christians should think of others - the Golden Rule
    • Jesus said that those who help the poor are helping him and God
    • Parable of the Sheep and Goats
  8. Four ways that Christians make moral decisions and why
    • Bible
    • Inspired by God and could be seen as his word
    • Golden Rule and Ten Commandments
    • Its important and should be believed in

    • Church
    • General Synod come sup with the rules
    • Pope is infallible and so what he says should be followed
    • Church is the body of Christ

    • Conscience
    • It is the voice of God
    • Its a sin to go against it
    • Often used in conjunction with Church or Bible
    • Tells you what is right and what is wrong

    • Situation Ethics
    • Its the most loving thing and Jesus taught us to do the most loving thing
    • Each situation is individual and so can't follow a certain set of rules
    • The Golden Rule
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