Religious Studies - Crime and Punishment

  1. Muslim views on capital punishment
    • Can be used for: murder, adultery and apostasy
    • It is set down in the Qur'an therefore Allah must allow it
    • Muhammad* agreed with its use

    • May be against due to the sanctity of life
    • 'Take not life which God has made sacred' - Qur'an
  2. Christian attitudes to drugs and acohol
    • Against:
    • Against illegal use - 'law of the land should be obeyed'
    • Harms the body - a 'temple of God'
    • May encourage sinful behaviour
    • Alcohol is much stronger than it was in biblical times
    • Encourages others the and so sets a bad example
    • Drinking water was dangerous in biblical times

    • For drinking in moderation:
    • One of Jesus' miracles was turning water into wine
    • Moderated drinking doesn't lead to sinful behaviour
    • St Paul encouraged Timothy to drink for his health
  3. Christian views on capital punishment
    • For:
    • Bible sets it as a punishment
    • Roman catholic leaders allow it
    • 'an eye for an eye'
    • It is a way of seeing justice is done
    • A punishment for heresy

    • Against:
    • Sanctity of life
    • Jesus banned retribution
    • Jesus reformed people
    • Jesus stopped and execution
  4. Christian views on how people should be punished
    • Reform
    • Jesus said we shouldn't judge each other
    • 'those without sin should throw the first stone'
    • New testament is about forgiveness
    • Jesus said we should settle disagreements without the courts

    • Retribution and Deterrence
    • St Paul said the authorities were to uphold the law
    • Church leaders say - society should deter criminals
    • Old testament - 'eye for an eye'
    • In the Bible God punishes people
  5. Four types of punishment and what they are
    Deterrence - harsh punishment to put people off committing a crime e.g chopping off hands for stealing

    Reform - changing a criminals behaviour

    Retribution - Making a criminal pay for the damage of the crime e.g community service

    Protection - removing criminals from society to protect the public
  6. Four Christian beliefs about justice
    • Bible says 'let justice foll on like a river'
    • Ultimate justice will be instigated by God on Judgement Day
    • Churches encourage social justice as part of Christian aid and CAFOD
    • Jesus said that the rich should share with the poor
  7. Four Muslim beliefs about justice
    • Allah is just and will reward the good on judgement day
    • Shari'ah law brings justice about on earth
    • Zakat is giving money to charity and aims to bring social justice
    • The Hadith show that Muhammad* acted justly and we should follow his example
  8. Muslim views on how we should punish people
    • Deterrence and Reform are the main punishments
    • Specific punishments for some crimes are given in the Qur'an
    • Shari'ah law is the law from Allah who is just and merciful
    • Harsh punishments are a last resort and family circumstances are taken into account
    • Criminals will be punished after death too
  9. Muslim attitudes to drugs and alcohol
    • We should not abuse our bodies with drugs and alcohol as it is disrespectful to Allah
    • Qur'an forbids alcohol
    • Muhammad* banned and didn't use drugs and alcohol
    • Muslims should obey the law of the land
    • Distracts from prayer and encourages sin
  10. Why it is important to have laws
    • Laws allow for justice so that punishments are fair on the criminals and the victims
    • Helps allow for a friendly peaceful community
    • Reduces friction in communities due to race of religion etc.
    • Protects society and keeps people safe
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