AQA P3.2 Using Physics to make things work

  1. By which two ways can objects be made more stable?
    • a wider base
    • a lower centre of mass
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  2. How can you find the centre of mass of a symmetrical object?
    • Find where the lines of symmetry intersect
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  3. How can you find the centre of mass of an asymmetrical object?
    • Suspend it from any two points and draw vertical lines from the suspension points. The centre of mass will be where the drawn lines intersect.
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  4. What is meant by the time period of a simple pendulum?
    The time for one complete swing back to the starting position.
  5. What is the relationship between the time period of a pendulum and its frequency?
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  6. What does the time period of a pendulum depend upon?
    The length (from the pivot to the centre of mass)
  7. What is the unit of frequency?
    Hertz (Hz) (cycles per second)
  8. What is the turning effect of a force called?
    The moment
  9. What does the turning effect of a force depend upon?
    • The size of the force
    • The perpendicular distance of the force from the pivot

    • (M = F x d)
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  10. If an object is not turning, what does it say about the total anticlockwise moment and the total clockwise moment?
    They are balanced
  11. Hydraulics use liquids. What property of liquids do they rely upon?
    That they are virtually incompressible
  12. In a liquid, which is transmitted equally in all directions: pressure or force?
  13. What is the Pascal (Pa) the unit of?
  14. In the equation

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    what does A represent?
    The cross-sectional area (in metres squared)
  15. In which direction does centripetal force act?
    • Towards the centre of the circle
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  16. What is the force called that keeps objects moving in a circle?
    • Centripetal force
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  17. What 3 things increase the size of the centripetal force required to keep objects moving in circular motion?
    • Increased mass
    • Increased speed
    • Reduced radius
  18. Give examples of things that use hydraulics
    • Automotive braking systems
    • Earth moving equipment (diggers)
    • Fair ground rides
    • Hydraulic car jacks
    • Hydraulic press
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AQA P3.2 Using Physics to make things work
AQA P3.2 Using Physics to make things work