Bio Midterm

  1. What do the members of the kingdom Protista have in common?
    That they don't fit anywhere else
  2. How did the first eukaryotic organisms arise?
    From ancient prokaryotic cells- endosymbiosis(living inside one another)
  3. What is a protist?
    single celled/ or simple multicellular organism that doesn't fit anywhere else
  4. How are protists grouped?
    based on characteristics that resemble fungi, plants, and animals
  5. What is a protozoan?
    animal like protist
  6. How are protozoans classified?
    based on their form of locomotion
  7. Describe key characteristics of an amoeba
    pesudopod- rounded cytoplasmic extension, like an arm
  8. Describe the key characteristics of a paramecium
    cilia: hairlike cytoplasmic projections
  9. Describe the key characteristics of euglena
    flagella: whip like structure made of microtubules
  10. What disease is caused by typanosoma?
    sleeping sickness
  11. What disease is caused by plasmodium?
  12. What disease is caused by giardia?
    giardiasis- diarrhea
  13. What is the common name for plant-like protists?
  14. Name the four groups of single-celled plant-like protists.
    unicellular, colonial, filamentious, multicellular
  15. Describe unicellular algae
    phytoplankton, free living aquatic organisms
  16. Describe colonial algae
    groups of individuals acting coordinately, ie volvox
  17. Describe filamentious algae
    slender, rod-shaped cells joined from end to end. anchors organisms to ocean floor ie spirogyra
  18. Describe multicellular algae
    Large, plant-like ie seaweed
  19. How are multi-cellular plant-like protists or seaweeds grouped?
    based on type of pigment, food storage, and cell wall composition
  20. What are the three groups of multi-cellular palnt-like protists?
    Chlorophyta(green), phaeophyta(brown), rhodophyta(red)
  21. What are the two types of fungus-like protists?
    Slime molds and Water molds
  22. Describe Slime Molds
    • fungus-like protists that are a mass of cytoplasm
    • ie phylum myxomycota and pictyostelida
  23. Describe Water molds
    • fungus-like protist that act as parasites for fish
    • ie phylum oomycota and chytridiomycta
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