Medical Billing

  1. This gland activats sperm & produces some seminal fluid:

    A. prostate gland
  2. Carries sperm from testes to ejaculatory duct:

    C. vas deferens
  3. Penis cantains these erectile tissues:

    C.  2 corpora cavernosa & 1 spongiosum
  4. Also known as Cowper's gland:

    D. bulbourethral gland
  5. Which of the following is NOT an accessory organ?

    C. gonads (testes)
  6. Combining form meaning male:

    D. andr/o
  7. Combining form meaning glans penis:

    D. balan/o
  8. Combining form meaning tesicle:

    D. orch/o
  9. Combining form meaning seminal vesicles:

    B. vesicul/o
  10. Combining form meaning vas deferens: 

    D. vas/o
  11. Testes are covered by the:

    B. tunica albuginea
  12. This abbreviation describes a surgical resection of prostate that is accomplished by means of an endoscope inserted into urethra:

    B. TURP
  13. This abbreviation describes a condition of prostate in which there is an enlargement  that is bsenign:

    B. BPH
  14. This abbreviation PSA means:

    C. prostate-specific antigen
  15. What is the condition in which testes do not descend?

    A. crytorchidism
  16. Orchitis is most often caused by a:

    A. virus
  17. A condition that can be either congenital or acquired through trauma & that involves twisting of testes is:

    D. torsion
  18. Cancer of _______ is divided into two main groups of germ cell tumors and sex stromal cord tumors:

    D. testes
  19. This type of surgical technique involves excision of a lesion in layers until no further evidence of abnormality is seen:

    A. Mohs
  20. Epispadias is a disorder of urethra in which urethral meatus is located on ______ side of penis:

    B. dorsal
  21. Inflammation of glans is:

    C. balanitis
  22. This disease is also known as bent nail syndrome:

    A. Peyonie's
  23. Condition in which multiple fibroadenomatous nodules form & lead to decreased urine flow. Condition is tought to be related to increased levels of estrogen/andregen.

    B. BPH
  24. Cancer of prostate is predominately this type of cancer:

    A. adebocarcinoma
  25. Whitmore-Jewett stages what cancer?
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