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  1. 1. What is the nervous system?
    • A network of cells and neurons.
    • It controls body movement and thought.
  2. The specialized cells of the nervous system are called ____________
  3. what are the names of the three parts of the neuron
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  4. What are the synapses?
    Synapses are connections between different neurons to transmit information.
  5. Write the name of the two main parts of the nervous system.
    - the Central Nervous System (CNS)


    - the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
  6. What are the main components of the Central Nervous System?
    • the brain
    • - the spinal cord.
  7. What is the main component of the Peripheral Nervous System?
  8. What is the function of the brain stem?
    It maintains blood pressure, heartbeat, respiration and digestion.
  9. What is the main function of the Cerebellum?
    It controls balance and posture and helps movement.
  10. What is the main function of the cerebrum?
    It interprets information from the senses, controls muscles, thinking and language.
  11. What is the main function of the Spinal Cord?
    It sends information from the nerves to the brain.
  12. Why is the brain important?
    You need your brain to think, to act, to move, even to breathe and for your blood to circulate. You can't live if you have no brain.
  13. 4 actions to contribute to the right functioning of the nervous system?
    • - Don't take drugs.
    • - Drink lots of water.
    • - Do excercise.
    • - Eat a good diet with lots of fruit and vegetables.
  14. 4 consequences of consuming drugs for the nervous system.
    • - neurons die.
    • - you can lose your memory
    • - you can have accidents
    • - motor coordination can be damaged
  15. explain 3 drugs and give examples
    1 - depressants: they make you relax. examples alcohol, and cannabis.

    2- stimulants: they stimulate the brain and increase the heart rate and blood pressure. examples: caffeine in coffee.

    3 - Hallucinogens: they affect the perception, you see imaginary things. Examples: LSD and magic mushrooms.
  16. 4 ways to prevent the consumption of drugs in young people.
    • 1 -Do exercise and sport.
    • 2 -Focus on your life objectives.
    • 3- Don't be with people who take drugs.
    • 4- spend time with your family.
  17. What is the main function of the endocrine system?
    It controls cell growth through hormones and glands.
  18. What is a gland?
    A gland is a group of cells that produces and secretes chemicals.
  19. What is a hormone?
    Chemical substances that act like messenger molecules in the body.
  20. How do hormones travel in the body?
    In the blood.
  21. What main hormone is produced by the pituitary gland?
    growth hormone.
  22. What hormone is produced by the testes?
    testosterone, the male sex hormone
  23. What main hormone is produced in the ovaries?
  24. What hormone is produced byt he pancreas?
  25. it controls the amount of glucose in the blood
  26. They control female characteristics and the menstrual cycle
  27. it controls body growth and development
    Pituitary gland
  28. It controls how cells release energy
  29. it controls the body's reaction to anger, fright or fear
    the adrenal gland
  30. They control male characeristics
    the testes
  31. it controls the amount of calcium and phosphorous in the blood
  32. locate the 7 glands in the body
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  33. What gland and hormone are related with diabetes?
    • gland is the pancreas
    • hormone is insulin
  34. Gigantism is caused because of an excess of which hormone?
    growth hormone
  35. Growth disorders are related to which gland?
    the pituitary gland
  36. Which two glands are related to osteoporosis?
    • the thyroid gland
    • the pituitary
  37. What is osetoporosis
    it is weak bones
  38. an excess of thyroid hormone results in
  39. A deficiency of thyroid hormone results in
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