Critical thinking

  1. What is a circular argument?
    argument seems valid at first then reasoning brings it back to the beggining
  2. What is conflation?
    Treating two different concepts as if they were the same
  3. What is confusion concerning cause and effect?
    assumptions based on if two events happen at the same time or increase at the same rate then one caused the other
  4. What is Post Hoc?
    means after this, e.g what happened after this must of been caused because of this
  5. What is confusion of neccesary and sufficient conditions?
    Neccessary= soemthing that it is essential in order for something to happen

    Sufficient= Gurantees that the next step must follow (all that is neccesary to do something)
  6. What is predictions about future without sufficient evidence?
    use of moral panic
  7. What is restricting the options?
    only offering a reader a number of limited options to choose from
  8. What is a sweeping generalisation?
    A universalized statement or assumption that is not true in all circumstances
  9. What is a unrelated conclusion?
    arguing from one perspective then totally changing view without sufficient evidence to back it up
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