07.03 - HO-3 Section II Conditions

  1. Severability of Insurance
    if more than one insured is involved in an occurrence, each is treated as if covered separately, however the liability limit isn't increased
  2. Required Duties After an Occurrence
    • written notice to insurer
    • cooperate
    • forward legal documents promptly
    • provide claim assistance
    • submit evidence
    • do not make voluntary payments
  3. Duties of an injured person under Coverage F
    • written proof of claim
    • authorize insurer to access medical records
    • submit to medical exam by doctor chosen by insurer as often as required by insurer
  4. Conditions Applicable to Sections I and II
    • liberalization clause
    • waiver or change in policy provisions
    • cancellation
    • nonrenewal
    • assignment
    • subrogation
    • death
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07.03 - HO-3 Section II Conditions
HO-3 Section II Conditions