07.02. HO-3 Section II - Exclusions

  1. Vehicles Exclusions
    • apply to losses arising out of motor vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, and hovercraft
    • ownership, maintenance, occupation, ...
    • negligent entrustment
    • failure to supervise
    • vicarious liability
    • registered vehicle, race, rented, taxi, business (except golf cart)
    • does¬†cover toys for children under 7, dead storage, used solely to service a residence, handicapped's vehicles, golf cart
  2. Watercraft coverage
    • stored
    • sailboats shorter than 26¬†feet
    • sailboats longer than 26 feet not owned or rented
    • non-owned <= 50hp watercraft
    • non-owned, non-rented > 50hp watercraft
    • <= 25hp watercraft
    • >25hp watercraft, non-owned and non-rented
  3. Coverages E and F Exclusions
    • expected or intended injury
    • business: except less than $2,000 a year, volunteer, no compensation home daycare, daycare to a relative; also excludes occasional rental
    • professional services
    • war
    • sexual molestation, corporal punishment or abuse
    • communicable disease
    • controlled substances
    • insured's premises not an insured location
  4. Coverage E Exclusions
    • loss assessment and contractual liability
    • damage to the insured's property
    • damage to property in the insured's care
    • persons eligible for workers compensation
    • nuclear liability
    • bodily injury to an insured
  5. Coverage F Exclusions
    • residence employee off premises: covers on property (always), off premises (only if working)
    • injury eligible to workers comp benefits
    • nuclear reaction
    • injury to residents
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07.02. HO-3 Section II - Exclusions
HO-3 Section II - Exclusions