Fruits and Vegetables

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  1. Heirloom
    • produced through open pollination
    • "true to type" = plants like parents of seed
    • Not as hardy and disease resistant as hybrid
  2. Hybrid
    • Produced by artificially cross-pollinating plants
    • improved characteristics such as better yield, greater uniformity, disease resistance, etc
    • Seeds cannot be saved and replanted
    • no variety in flavor
  3. GMO
    • DNA altered using genetic engineering
    • Modified traits that the plant otherwise wouldn't possess
  4. Determinate
    • Compact plant and fruit ripens more closely together
    • Also known as “bush tomatoes”
    • They grow to no more than 6 feet tall before developing laterally instead of vertically.  
    • 1. Tomatoes mature faster, with an average of about 60 days. This is because less energy is spent on plant growth and more on fruit production. 
    • 2. Tomatoes tend to ripen all at once, which is convenient for preparation and preservation purposes like canning and drying. 
    • 3. Plants do not need to be pruned or staked. In fact, pruning is bad for determinate tomatoes because it reduces overall fruit production.
    • Determinate tomatoes are less flavorful than their indeterminate counterparts. This is because smaller plants cannot gather as much sugar. Furthermore, determinate tomatoes have a shorter growing season. They bear uniform crops in spurts, where a whole bunch of tomatoes ripen all at once. After about three spurts, fruit production decreases drastically and the plant wilts off.
  5. Indeterminate
    Continue to grow and set fruit until frost
  6. Brandywine Tomato
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    • Brandywine--Indet. Open-pollinated. Dusty-red, fairly tangy, large fruits. Ripens late in our climate. This is a popular heirloom.
    • large potato-leaved foliage and which bears large pink beefsteak-shaped fruit
  7. Celebrity
    • Celebrity--Det. Hybrid.
    • Medium-sized to large, red fruit; 7-10oz 
    • Large plant for a determinate; can grow up to 10 ft tall
    • High Yield: can produce 30-40 fruits each
  8. Champion
    Champion--Indet. Hybrid. Bigger than Early Girl, these medium to large, red tomatoes are meaty and not too sweet. Good performer, high yields.
  9. Better Boy
    • Holds Guiness record for most fruit produced by single plant
    • Indeterminate
    • about 12oz
    • recommended staking due to high yield
  10. Early Girl
    • Early Girl--Indet. Hybrid. Very early, red salad tomato. Consistently does well in taste tests.
    • A "standard tomato" - weighs 4-8oz
  11. Mr Stripey
    Mr. Stripey or Tigrella--Indet. Heirloom. Small red fruit, with clear yellow and orange stripes. These are so sweet and fruity tasting, they are like an entirely different fruit. Very early.
  12. Oregon Spring
    Oregon Spring--Det. Open-pollinated. Very meaty, excellent tasting, mid-to large-sized red fruits. Matures in a short season.
  13. Beefsteak
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    • A beefsteak tomato (American English) or beef tomato (British English)[1] is any of the largest varieties of cultivated tomatoes, some weighing 1 pound (450 g) or more. Most are pink or red with numerous small seed compartments (locules) distributed throughout the fruit
    • While popular among home growers for sandwich making and other applications requiring a large tomato to be eaten raw, beefsteaks are not grown commercially as often as other types, since they are not considered as suitable for mechanization as smaller slicing tomatoes
    • Beefmaster VFN (a popular hybrid beefsteak)Beefsteak VFNBig BeefBrandywine (a pink heirloom variety)Bucking BroncoCherokee Purple a dusky red/purple beefsteak, said to have exceptional flavor
  14. Roma
    • Plum tomato
    • has few seeds and good for canning and sauce
    • open pollinated but not considered a heirloom (I think because it's been improved upon to be disease resistant)
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