MIC 541-Exam 4- Antimicrobials 1 -2

  1. How do you decrease the toxicity of Antibacterials?
    Find unique targets
  2. Unique targets of antibacterials are beneficial in what way?
    Reduces toxicity
  3. What issues exist with creating antifungals and antiparasitics?
    • The cells of these organisms are too similar to our own
    • Difficult to design safe drugs that will not attack our own cells
  4. What type of Antimicrobials are difficult to design because they run the risk of attacking our cells as well as theirs due to their cell type similarity to humans?
    • Antimicrobials
    • Antifungals
  5. Why is it difficult to design virus specific drugs?
    They use our own cell machinery
  6. What are the three sources of antimicrobial agents?
    • Natural
    • Semi-synthetic
    • Synthetic
  7. The categories: Natural, Semi-synthetic and Synthetic describe what?
    The three sources of Antimicrobials
  8. Where are and Natural antimicrobial sources derived from?
    • Fungi
    • Bacteria
  9. What is an example of a Natural antimicrobial agent?
  10. Penicillin is derived from what type of source?
  11. Describe what a Semi-synthetic antimicrobial agent is:
    An antimicrobial that is made from modifying a natural compound
  12. What type of Antimicrobial agent is made by modifying a natural source?
  13. Give an example of a Semi-Synthetic antimicrobial agent:
  14. What are reasons or advantages, over their Natural counterparts, are there for creating a Semi-Synthetic antimicrobial agents?
    • Improved potency
    • Expanded antibacterial spectrum
    • Improved Pharmacokinetics
    • Decrease toxicity
  15. Give examples of Antimicrobial agents that are Synthetically derived:
    • Quinolones
    • Sulfonamides
  16. What is a Synthetically derived antimicrobial agent?
    A chemically derived agent
  17. Quinolones and sulfonamides are derived from what general type of source?
  18. Cephalosporins are derived from what general type of source?
  19. What types of antimicrobial activity are there?
    • Static
    • Cidal
  20. Static and Cidal are divisions that describe what characteristic of antimicrobial agents?
  21. Describe what Static Activity is:
    Reversible loss of ability to reproduce
  22. What term describes an antimicrobial that causes reversible loss of the ability to reproduce?
    Static Activity
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MIC 541-Exam 4- Antimicrobials 1 -2
MIC 541-Exam 4- Antimicrobials 1 -2