1. In what state was Ft.Sumter located?
    South Carolina
  2. What were the 4 key border states?
    • Maryland
    • Missouri
    • Kentucky
    • Delaware
  3. What was the unions most significant advantage?
    The industry
  4. List 3 factors that gave south a fighting chance despite the North advantage?
    • Good military
    • Leaders
    • Only to defend themself
    • Assumed long coast would allow the delivery of supplies
  5. Why did Lincoln feel that he must hold on to Ft. Sumter?
    Bc it would be another military fort to the south
  6. Which side began the war?
  7. Word that describes the pre-stages before war
  8. The south was primarily _________
  9. Slaves who work for little money
    wage slaves
  10. *This series of question you decipher the correct answer*
  11. The north or south's population was mostly merchants factory workers and owners of small farms
  12. 4/5 of the nations factories were in the north or south?
  13. Northerners or Southerners based there views on Ammendment X
  14. Northeners or Southerners based there views on Article VI
  15. North or South favored high tariff and why?
    North, and as a mean of protecting industries from foreign imports
  16. Which side did not favor high tariff and why?
    South, because the south had little industry
  17. What was the name of the slaves worst experience crossing the Atlantic to Americas?
    "Middle Passage"
  18. Name the system : When slaves worked in large groups for a set amount of time each day usually sunup sundow
    Gang system
  19. Name the system: When the overseer gave slaves specific task and whenever they completed the task they could take the rest of the day off
    Task system
  20. Name the person: One vocal abolitionist who began the Liberator
    William Lloyd Garrison
  21. Name the person : anti-slavery journalist who published the New York Tribute
    Horace Greely
  22. Songs slaves sung against slavery and about biblical times
  23. Name the person : Connecticut preachers daughter who wrote one of the best selling books about the real #slaverystruggle . & what was the name of the book?
    • Harriet Beecher Stowe
    • Uncle Toms Cabin
  24. Name the P : Started the 6th Mount zion Baptist church
    John jasper
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