MS II 12 hand

  1. MCPs are what kind of joint? what degrees of freedom?
    • condyloid
    • 2
  2. IP joints - what kind of joint? what degrees of freedom?
    • hinge
    • 1
  3. 1st CMC joint - what kind? how many degrees of freedom?
    • saddle
    • 2
  4. the 1st CMC joint is saddle. flex/ext is __ on __
    abd/add is __ on__?
    • flex/ext: concave on convex (concave is the distal part)
    • abd/add: convex on concave
  5. what motion to facil thumb flexion at 1st CMC?
    ulnar dev
  6. what motion to facil thumb ext at 1st CMC?
    radial dev
  7. what motion to facil thumb abd at 1st CMC?
    dorsalĀ glide
  8. what motion to facil thumb add at 1st CMC?
    volar glide
  9. zero starting pos for hand
    longitudinal axes thru metacarpals and adgacent phalanges are in a straight line
  10. resting pos for hand
    slight flexion in all joints
  11. capsular pattern of hand
    restricted in all dir, but moreso in flex
  12. resting pos fo CMCs
    • thumb midway btwn abd/add and flex/ext
    • fingers midway btwn flex and ext
  13. close packed pos for CMC jts
    • thumb full opposition
    • fingers full flexion
  14. capsular pattern of CMC jts
    • thumb: abd>ext
    • fingers: equal limitation in all dir
  15. MCP joint resting pos
    slightly flexed
  16. MCP close packed pos
    • thumb: full opposition
    • fingers: full flexion
    • (same as at CMC jt)
  17. MCP capsular pattern
  18. resting pos of IP joints
    slight flex
  19. packed pos of IP jts
    full ext
  20. capsular pttern of IP jts
  21. expected flexion for DIP, PIP, MCP
    • DIP: 90
    • PIP: 120
    • MCP: 90
  22. finger and thumb extensor muscles
    • EDC: extensor digitorum communis
    • EDM: extensor digiti minimi
    • EI: extensor indicis
    • EPL
    • EPB
  23. two muscles doing finger abd?
    • dorsal interossei
    • ADM - abductor digiti minimi
  24. 5 muscles doing finger flexion
    • FDS
    • FDP
    • lubricales
    • FPL
    • FPB
  25. muscle for finger adduction?
    palmar interossei
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