Packaging For Here

  1. Naked Burrito
    9" Plate
  2. Tacos
    Pie tin
  3. Tacos Craft Two
    Basket with other craft two selection
  4. Nachos
    Black plate on a lined pie tin
  5. Gumbo
    Gumbo Bowl on a lined pie tin
  6. Salads
    Lined Pie Tin
  7. Quesadilla
    Lined Pie Tin
  8. Soup
    Lined Pie Tin
  9. Soup (craft two)
    Basket along with other selection
  10. Naked Burrito (craft 2)
    10 oz. Bowl on a lined basket
  11. Kids Burrito
    Lined Pie Tin with their side
  12. Craft 2 Salad
    Basket with other craft 2 selection
  13. Craft 2 Tacos
    Basket with other craft 2 selection
  14. Kids Single Taco
    Pie Tin
  15. Kids Quesadilla
    Lined Pie tin with their side
  16. Craft 2 Quesadilla
    Basket w/ Salsa and other Craft 2 selection
  17. Craft 2 Mini Gumbo
  18. Craft 2 Nachos
    10 oz. Bowl on a  Basket
  19. Kids Nacho's
    Blk plastic bowl and Lined Pie tin
  20. Chips and Salsa, guacamole, or queso
    Pie tin
  21. Side of Chips
    Directly on Pie Tin or in a 2 oz. wax bag
Card Set
Packaging For Here
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